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Dodgers News: Max Muncy Reacts to Anthony Rendon Fight with Fan

A weekend interaction with Angels’ star third baseman Anthony Rendon and a fan in Oakland has lead to quite a bit of discourse online. For those that haven’t seen the incident — it can be found here — Rendon was caught on camera confronting a fan, grabbing him by the shirt and attempting to slap him with his left hand.

Rendon was suspended by the league today, but before that became official, Dodgers slugger Max Muncy was asked his thoughts on the altercation. As a current big leaguer and someone that has played a lot of games at the Oakland Coliseum in his career, he’s an ideal person to talk to. The guys on the Foul Territory show on YouTube got Max to open up the situation.

The section in question is highlighted in the video below, if you want to watch and listen. We also have the full transcription.

“I think as players were all on Anthony’s side a little bit. But he took it a little too far. I think that situation doesn’t happen anywhere but Oakland. That’s the only Stadium where, as a visiting player, you’re literally walking through the stands to get back to the clubhouse. It’s not like you’re just walking down the line, you’re literally walking through the stands to go up the tunnel, and it’s also the same tunnel that the fans walk down to get to those seats too. So it’s the only place in baseball where you’re doing that. So I think anywhere else maybe that situation doesn’t happen. … It’s a tough one for me because you know obviously as a player you have to understand you have a lot more to lose, you have certain responsibilities. But, if that situation happens in any other situation in life, you know, whatever that guy said he’s probably going to get his ass beat for that. But, unfortunately the doesn’t work in our world. So you have to understand where it’s at — you ever have a situation like that, you’re over.”

Bold stuff from Max Muncy. It lends itself to the ideology that baseball truly is a fraternity.

But, how would Max respond to an incident like that?

“I try to stay away from the edges there just to prevent situations like that from happening. There’s been a lot of things said to me over the years and it’s just one of those things where you understand that as a player, that’s what’s going to happen. That’s what you’re going to get. Whether it’s good or bad either way. It’s just, if you do good and you’re on the road and then that fan base hates you. If you do bad at home, then that fan base hits you. It’s just one of those things where there’s really like a no-win situation, you have to understand. That’s what it comes with the territory and you have to know how to handle it.”

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  1. Rendon is getting his Momey so Why take it Out on Baseball Fans ? On top of the fact the Person Rendon grabbed was just standing there . Words , just words whether bad or good , if words set Rendon off he has some very bad Issues that MLB must Distance itself from .

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