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Dodgers News: MLB Writer Puts Together a Wild Trade Package for Juan Soto

The Juan Soto to the Dodgers rumor mill is officially turning. That was sparked this week when the Nationals superstar turned down a massive contract extension and news came out about internal struggles with the team. When Soto came to LA for the All-Star Game, fans went hard at their recruiting. 

It also very much sounds like Washington is willing to listen to offers from other teams on Soto now. That really fueled the fire for Dodgers fans. But that has also led many to wonder what a package for a generational hitter even looks like. 

The Athletic’s Jim Bowden did his best to come up with a deal for the Dodgers. And from what it sounds like, they would have to give up a whole lot of current and future talent if they wanted to land Soto in a deal. 

“The Dodgers could offer infielder Gavin Lux and put together a package of prospects from their loaded farm system, starting with power right-hander Bobby Miller or righty Ryan Pepiot, along with two more position players from a group of infielder Miguel Vargas, outfielder Andy Pages, shortstop Wilman Diaz or second baseman Michael Busch.”

Obviously, that’s a lot for the Dodgers to give up for Soto. That would essentially be Gavin Lux and at least 3 of their top 5 prospects. That price tag alone might be enough for Andrew Friedman to back out of a potential deal. It’s also further complicated by the fact that Soto will eventually command a record contract when he hits free agency. 

But there’s always hope, and you know that Friedman will keep an eye on any possible move. 

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  1. Lux has shown that he is a star in the making. He is young and cheap and can play 2B, SS and OF while hitting for average and XBHs. Power will come later now that he is establishing himself. He has speed to steal bases and hustles. He could be the SS if Turner doesn’t extend. I wouldn’t trade Vargas either. He will be 3B after JT.

    1. The Dodgers do not need that one player . Baseball is a team game requiring many pieces to fit not like basketball . Do not trade away potentially 3-4 starters for him .

  2. Bowden seems to know nothing about the Dodgers. The Dodgers have shown that they don’t trade away their top prospects for current talent, especially when it isn’t necessary. Plus, they would be destroyed by salary swap tax.

  3. Just wait 2 and 1/2 years and he only costs money. Trading away that much talent would be foolish.

  4. I would imagine trading for Soto and signing him to a long term deal would greatly reduce the likelihood of re-signing Turner, Urías and Buehler. Plus I hope they keep Kershaw around for as long as he is able to pitch.

    Now if they thought getting 3 playoff runs with him was worth depleting the minor league system for a better shot at a couple of championships…

    1. Soto is an awesome player. But giving all our minor league its to much. Freeman knows what to do. But we all should wait tell this takes action on trading day.

  5. No, no and no. If that is what it would take in a trade, I doubt there is any other team able to make that trade. So, if we really want to pay 50 million/year to a player, we just wait until he is a FA.

    1. I would be happy if the Dodgers got Soto for just money, but not if it prevents them from re-signing the current stars already on the team (Kershaw, Urias, Buehler, Turner, etc.). Giving up prospects whose odds of ever becoming all stars seems like a better choice, although I think they can stand pat and keep challenging for championships for the foreseeable future.

  6. If Bowden was any good at being a GM, he would still be a GM. He just tosses out stupid trade deals that would never happen, just so he and The Athletic get clicks.

  7. Bowden just answered the question as to why he is a writer and not a baseball executive

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