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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Shows Love to Old Teammate Ahead of All-Star Game

It’s safe to say All-Star Weekend was a huge success as both teams put on a show for the lucky fans who attended. It also gave the fans a chance to look at a more intimate side of players as they opened up to reporters and put on their mics during the game which is something special the MLB does. 

Among the six Dodgers players who played in the game, Mookie Betts had his fun with reporters as he sat down with his former Boston Red Sox teammate and Hall-of-Famer, David Ortiz (quotes via Fox Sports MLB)

“Well, I had this really good mentor in 2014, 2015, 2016, this big ole big dude. Named David Ortiz. He was like a dad to me and I just watched him work.” 

Although Betts and Ortiz never won a World Series together, Ortiz played an integral role in Betts’s development. Betts slowly improved his game ending, culminating with 31 home run season in 2016, a career best 113 RBI, and being selected to his first All-Star game. 

Ortiz had his fair share of success throughout his career, finishing with over 540 career home runs, including 38 in his final season with the Red Sox. Undoubtably, he had a lasting effect on his former teammate who’s since become on the best players in all of baseball.

Betts is on track to have another career year with the hopes of adding another World Series ring to his resumé. Ortiz now gets to enjoy some the sidelines as he continues to watch his former teammate turn into one of the leagues best players. 

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