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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Shocked and Insulted by All-Star Snub

The All-Star system is flawed at the very least. No Dodgers players made the NL roster as a starter after an ill-conceived second round of voting saw Freddie Freeman overtake Max Muncy as the leading vote-getter at first base. I’ll skip the long-winded explanation of the flawed voting system in 2021 and cut to the headline.

Kenley Jansen isn’t quite happy with All-Star status.

According to Bill Plunkett of the OC Register, Jansen went through a range of emotions and reactions to his snub.

Shocked … Insulted. To me — honestly. Listen, I went through a lot of disappointment (over it), but at the end, I was laughing more about it. I guess you have to put up a 0.00 ERA with zero blown saves … [Craig] Kimbrel? Really good. [Josh] Hader? Really good. But come on, man. I’ve been doing this for a really long time. I guess people these days fall in love with excitement, with hype, with 100 mph. Or you’ve just got to be the leader in saves to be in the All-Star Game.

The All-Star nomination structure has been flawed for pitchers for a long time. That has remained completely out of the hands of fans. Usually, the Dodgers get recognition from peers when it comes to the pitching staff. Incidentally, this LA staff leads baseball in team ERA.

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However, MLB has opted for a league office-led approach this season, with pitchers and reserve players determined through a combination of Player Ballot choices and selections made by the Commissioner’s Office. And we already know how well the commissioner’s office performs its duties…

The Dodgers were shut out on All-Star pitchers for the first time since 2008.

Kenley Jansen has absolutely had an All-Star-worthy campaign in 2021. As has starter Walker Buehler. Even Clayton Kershaw should have had some consideration. But to have not a single Dodger arm on the initial iteration of the roster? It’s disappointing indeed.

To me, it’s a shocker. Not just me. We have the best ERA in the game and not Walker? Zero pitchers?

The three-time All-Star has had a career renaissance in 2021. He’s pitched to a 1.30 ERA with 21 saves in 34 games. The 1.30 ERA is the lowest of his career as a full-time big leaguer. He’ll still likely receive an All-Star nod before it’s all said and done one week from today. But being third on the call list has its sting for sure.

Ultimately, Kenley isn’t worried about the All-Star nod.

You feel insulted then you move on because at the end of the day I didn’t work my (butt) off to be an All-Star. I worked my (butt) off to help my team, to maybe throw the last pitch of the postseason.

It’s all about that attitude right there.

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  1. Shut up, Kenley. You make a good living. Take a vacation. Remember it’s the fan who votes and pays your paycheck..

    1. Read the article Robby. You have it wrong. The pitchers are not voted in by the fans. KJ was probably asked about it which was why he responded. This is definitely a snub. Nothing to do except win the WS.

    1. Could definitely be the case, but I think its more of the typical LA hate that’s prevalent everywhere but here. I have to admit I still cringe every time he takes the mound in a high leverage situation. Watching him blow it the last few years has given me PTSD.

  2. There are All Star snubs every year, but zero Dodgers pitchers on the NL roster is ridiculous. Currently, the Dodgers have the best team ERA (3.15), and the lowest batting average against (.211) in MLB. Justin Turner’s 143 wRC+ (runs created) is the best in the NL and he doesn’t even make the NL squad. These decisions smack of retaliation from the Commissioner’s office. Perhaps Roberts and all of the Dodgers All Stars call-in sick for the game.

      1. Yes, cause with Manfred, who I’ve already declared the absolute worst commisioner of all time in any sport, is retaliating against Dodgrrs and fans for how he totally mis handled the Astro cheating scandal. Not one of those players even received a slap on the wrist. The sooner that Manfred is removed from office the better MLB will be.

  3. No one likes the top dog. Jansen deserves to be on the team, all of the starting line up does, including all of the starters.
    You’ll have to be satisfied with another WS ring I guess.

    1. Why in the world should the commissioners office have anything to say about all star selections. Absolutely absurd.

  4. I definitely agree that the All-Star selection system is flawed. Then add that it appears that we Dodger fans let our team down by not voting often enough like other team’s fans must have. This system is bad and this year proves it fo sure. Darn!

  5. Everybody just chill out a little. We all know that our Dodgers belong in the ASG, but can’t risk injury in a meaningless game played in Colorado. If a player had an incentive bonus attached to his contract and donating it to a charity then I would be disappointed, but it’s just envy by the league on the Dodger organization. The plus side, all the guys need the rest and rehab their bodies considering the injuries that have plague the team this year. However, we need to show up in force next year to vote our guys in because the ASG will be @ Dodgers Stadium & where we can give a standing O to the starting nine of all Dodgers! Then we can cheer on for Muncy and/or Belli in the HR derby to win!

    1. JR… Are you paying attention to what he has done this year, or are you from San Fran or Houston?

  6. Jansen and other dodgers too. Not one. Maybe they should limit the times you can vote like to one.

  7. The only flaws in MLB are these overpaid whiners that think they are all deserving and above reproach on conduct and humility…LA, slip Hanley a “binky” and don’t cancel Trevor Bauer Bobblehead night, after all he IS a bobblehead!

  8. I am going to say the Marlins did a good job by playing good baseball. Give credit to the they won the game by out hitting,pitching and defense. They made a good challenge

  9. Kenley Jenson an All Star ???? Have u guys seen his poor performance last night against against the Marlins.? He should stop complaining and do better, most of the time he is struggling

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