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Dodgers News: Mookie Betts Reveals His MLB Hall of Famer He Would Have Loved to Have Played With

Just because you are in the midst of the postseason doesn’t mean you can reminisce on your career a bit. That’s exactly what Mookie Betts has done.

Last week, Betts took some time out of his schedule, which had been jam-packed with postseason preparation and celebrating his birthday, and gave fans some insight on some fun questions.

Some questions included what was his favorite ballpark to play at, favorite jerseys of other teams, player he’s looking most forward to playing with in the WBC, and most notably who would he want to be teammates with past, present, or future.

The answer he gives isn’t someone you might’ve guessed, but it isn’t necessarily a surprise as he chooses Ken Griffey Jr., one of the greatest outfielders and baseball players to ever play the game.

Despite this dream that will never come to reality, it’s fun to ponder what it would be like if Betts and Griffey Jr. ever took the field together. Over half the field would easily be covered and it’s two guys pitchers will constantly have to fear each time they’re about to bat. 

The choice was easy for Betts and it just leaves Dodgers fans wondering what could be in a fantasy dynasty game. Or better yet, who is someone Betts would want to team up with that is currently in the league. Mike Trout perhaps?

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  1. Really? That’s what you got for the day after one of the greatest upsets in MLB history! Who Mookie Betts has a man crush on?

    1. Unbelievable! The question is, would Griffey Jr. want to play with you, given how you performed in the playoffs! Instead of reflecting on who you’d like to play with, how about reflecting on how you let down the players you were playing with now.

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