Dodgers News: National League Scout Not Sold On Alex Guerrero

Ross D. Franklin-AP Photo
Ross D. Franklin-AP Photo

From question mark to a fan favorite, Alex Guerrero’s transformation from obscurity to relevance with the Los Angeles Dodgers this season has been one filled with home runs and calls for Guerrero to replace Juan Uribe at third base.

Manager Don Mattingly resisted such change and some of the clamoring for Guerrero has cooled with Uribe putting together an 11-game hitting streak heading into play Saturday. That being said, Mattingly has complimented Guerrero for his development on multiple occasions dating back to Spring Training.

While the Dodgers are encouraged by what they’ve seen from the 28-year-old Cuban, a National League scout isn’t sold on Guerrero, via Sports Illustrated’s Albert Chen:

I’m still not buying. He’s Cuban, so people think he’s Yasiel Puig, but he’s not on the same level. He’s never been a huge power guy, and nothing has changed my opinion. I think he’s just had a really good stretch. People are clamoring for him to get more at bats, but that’s such a talented roster that I don’t blame [Don] Mattingly. [Guerrero] is terrible at second base, and I don’t know where he else ends up. Let’s remember he’s 28, so he’s not exactly a young player on the rise.”

On Monday Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman praised Guerrero for the success he’s had despite sporadic playing time saying, “He’s gotten off to a tremendous start, but even beyond the obvious results, how well he has prepared himself to come into a game, which is incredibly difficult especially for a guy who’s used to playing everyday, speaks volumes about him.”

Since the scout’s opinion was first published, Guerrero has gone 2-for-9 with one home run in 10 plate appearances over five games (three starts). He made headlines recently for being the focus of a Madison Bumgarner outburst after the pitcher appeared to take issue with Guerrero’s frustration over flying out.

While Bumgarner was busy yelling, Guerrero later said he was unaware of it at the time and added perhaps the reigning World Series MVP had the pinch-hit home run he gave up to Guerrero back in his April 22 start on his mind.

Now with the Dodgers losing Carl Crawford to an oblique injury, Mattingly said Guerrero figures to see more playing time in left field than he had with Crawford healthy.


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  1. I bet he’s a Dirt-bags scout…One of great envy. Alex is 28. So, is that really old these days. We’ve always heard that the first thing to go in an aging athlete is his legs. I’m not saying that Guerrero should be compared to these two Dodger greats. But both Maury Wills and Davey Lopes were all of 28 years old during their rookie seasons. The next 10 or so, of those “twilight years” of their careers. speak for themselves. The same goes for countless other Major League players who baffled the doubters and became more productive. Don’t trust anyone over 28. But keep ’em on your Fantasy League team anyway.

    1. I would like to know when this scout said this. Did the scout just say this, from what he has seen this year, or from last year! Guerrero had not played baseball for a year, when he came to spring training last year, and just when he was about to be called up, he was attacked! Just think what Guerrero went through last year, when he arrived to the U.S.! He had been signed to play second base, after the first game of the season, he was put in AAA, and he was hitting, and hitting with power. Then next he was attacked by a follow team mate, and had most of his ear bit off, and was out most of the season after this! Once he did start playing again, once again, he hit! I don’t understand why Dodger Nation is trying to down play what Guerrero has done this year! Also I believe that Mattingly is trying to set Guerrero up to fail right now! Mattingly last nite batted Guerrero 8th, a position in the order, where know batter will get good pitches to hit! Guerrero bat does not belong in the 8th position in the lineup, especially when the Dodgers have two players hitting below 200! Also, Mattingly has taken Guerrero out of the game twice, when Guerrero started the game, not allowing him his 4th at bat! This happened last nite, when the Dodgers had a 8 run lead in the 8th! I believe that Mattingly does not really care for Guerrero, and is mad that Guerrero did not accept an assignment to start in AAA this year! In stead Guerrero insisted the just like his contract stated, that he must be on the big league lineup this year! I believe Mattingly wanted Kike on the major league lineup instead! I’m not saying Guerero should take Uribe’s job at third necessarily, but I think he deserves more playing time! Now if Uribe’s starts hitting like he did in 2012, then something needs to be done! I really don’t thnk the Dodgers, or this scout that was mentioned, don’t really know how well Guerrero can play defense,

      1. No one should be judged on 3 or4 at bats! They can’t say Guerrero’s 20 at bats means nothing, and then say Guerreo’s 3 or 4 at bats equate lack of success!

        1. 20 at bats means bupkis. all it means is that he is on a streak. There is no way he is hitting at .400 plus after 200 AB’s. Guererro’s glove has always been the main question mark. Even the Dodger scouts have said that. That being said, he has not had a good start at starting since he is hitless…..

          1. I didn’t say he was going to hit 400! Also, when Alex came to spring training last year, he had not played baseball for a year, and had never played second base! Gordon looked better, because he played second in the winter leagues, before spring training! Mattingly had told Dee to do this, and remember, Guerrero didn’t get first class seats to the US from Cuba! Remember when Puig first came up, and was hitting all those HRS, and he played over Eithier! Most managers play the a hot bat! In fact, Bochy has said that the new out fielder that the Giants picked up, he would continue to play him, when Pence came back of he is still hitting!

          2. That is not the point. The book on him is good bat so so glove. On a team that has stressed defense, Guererro is not a superior glove to Uribe or Turner. That’s why they let Hanley walk. That’s why Kemp was traded to open up CF for Pederson, and it comes down to numbers. They also signed Olivera, who when he finally gets here is supposed to be a superior bat to Guererro, and a better glove. He is also a multi positional guy. Puig came up because players were injured that year. He basically took Kemp’s spot not Andre’s. There were a ton of injury’s in 2013. So mix and match was the order of the day. Guererro will get his chances, They all do, and if like you say DM plays the hot hand, well he will be in there……but remember this, so far, his value has been his bat off the bench…..he is by far the best PH on the team right now. He got another PH last night. And the Giant RF….guys name is Maxwell..and you can bet….when Pence is ready…..he will be playing…….

          3. Michael Great reading this exchange. I was thinking as I read this how the Dodgers have had what seem like more position player injuries than many teams. Now it is Puig and Crawford have you heard anything about the training staff of the Dodgers? The Dodgers have a lot of pulled muscles Puig or torn ones Crawford. These are all issues that should be addressed by the training staff.
            My daughter is in the business, I have not talked to her about the Dodgers but she works with Olympic athletes all of the time. There is a lot of science behind eliminating that type of injury. Have you heard if they have a crazed strength coach or PT guy?

      2. I’ve observed the same thing. Mattingly sat him down the next day after his hot start at 3rd base against San Diego. That’s how he sets up his own players’ to go into a slump…As if he is jealous of them. It seems Torre’s influence has rubbed off on DM. Lasorda may have done this at times. I don’t remember Alston shifting players in and out of the line-up like that. The Garvey, Lopes, Russell and Cey infield would never have existed. I’m sure, Mattingly would have found a way to keep Koufax and Drysdale out of the starting rotation after a no-hitter or a shut out.

        1. Well you had better re evaluate your statement on Alston. He consistently platooned players, And remember most of his teams had little or no power, Especially after the older guys from Brooklyn days were gone. You would expect Torre’s influence to rub off on DM. Torre was a highly successful manager with the Yankees. And your evaluation of how he would handle Koufax and Drysdale makes no sense. As far as confidence. Alston was Koufax’s manager. He constantly kept Sandy out of consistent work. For most of his first 6 years, Koufax was an average pitcher, nothing special except his wildness and blazing fastball and he was almost traded to the Yankees for Elston Howard. A B game during spring training where Norm Sherry was the catcher, turned his career around. Sherry told him to quit trying to throw everything by the hitters and mix in his curveball…..that was the day Koufax became a pitcher and not just a thrower. Speculating how DM would handle guys from the past is just dumb……he handles Greinke and Kersh just fine……

          1. Oh really? Frank Howard and Tommy Davis had no power? Didn’t Tommy win a batting title? I could include Wally Moon, but he played in the Coliseum. Alston platooned Ron Fairly and Howard right field for a few years until Howard was traded to Washington. He platooned Roseboro and Torborg. and platooned Yeager and Ferguson at catcher. In case you didn’t know that’s the most demanding position on the field.That makes sense. Mattingly’s moves don’t. Do you want examples? Grandal will be dead by August.Torre had good players the best money could buy and he managed in the AL that has the DH. No need for a lot of strategy there. He didn’t do that well in the NL did he not? Charlie Manuel out managed him in the playoffs. He destroyed Broxton’s arm and confidence. That’s where Donny learned that one. Not to mention a few others.I would agree that the 65 and 66 teams lacked power. Mattingly nor Torre could have managed those teams. I don’t think DM knows what is a squeeze play is and has no concept of hit and run or when to send a runner. I know the stories about Koufax. Whomever warmed him up had to wear full catcher’s gear because of the wildness. He had no confidence to destroy in his first few years, I think he’d be the first to admit that. Your probably dumber than me if you can’t see the irony or the sarcasm. Maybe you got the point this time.

          2. How many HR’s did Moon hit? His high was 19.. Howard never hit more than 25 as a Dodger. CF was pretty much a rotating door in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Snider was hurt and was not the fulltime CF. T.D won 2 batting titles, but those teams were based more on speed and defense. I know because I saw it everyday. Demeter played CF now and then, and Larker was at first and he had very little power. Roseboro’s backups were Pignatano, and Sherry until Torborg came up. None of those guys had any power, neither did Gilliam. Parker took over at 1st and he had zip for power….Moon was with the team until 1966, so he played a lot of games at Dodger Stadium. They had all sorts of players, and rarely had a set lineup except or Davis in left, Wills at SS, and Gilliam usually at 3rd. The point? It is your opinion, that’s all and I am far from being dumb and also would bet I know a damn sight more about the history of this team than you do. Hey, you are one of those pea brains who blames all of the teams failures on the manager. Fine, you do not like the guy, that’s cool. You had better hope Grandal is dead by August and they find a real catcher….that guy is the most over rated worst pickup ever. Dm is like most managers, far from being perfect, and as for Broxton, well mr huge body was pretty much out of shape most of the time anyway, and as far as Torre ruining the guy, I never saw Torre groove those fastballs……

          3. I swear, I know all of that without reading the back of baseball card. You saw it every day? I lived in a neighboring state. So I listened everyday. Still remember that Sunday afternoon in August of 65, when Marichal took a bat to Roseboro’s head. 1966? Willie Davis and Lou Johnson played more games than Tommy Davis. The switch hitting infield was more intact in 65 than in 66. Lefebvre hit something like 24 or 25 home runs while winning the rookie of the year the previous season. Wes Parker was known for his glove as well as starring in a number television comedies including “Gilligan’s Island.”
            Mattingly never played in a World Series and he’ll never manage in one. I know it wasn’t the manager who struck out with the bases loaded. It’s not the manager who walked in the winning run with the bases loaded. It’s not the manager dropped an easy fly ball. But…It is his job to put his team in the best position to win. It is his job to put the best, the most productive and healthiest players in the line-up everyday. Not just 5 of 9, because he may feel a certain loyalty to a favorite or just because he feels they need a rest, Or the rest of his smug and arrogant excuses that his wife helps him come up with. He still thinks he’s in ST. Or did you miss last night’s game. He wins because of the talent that is afforded to him. He’s no Bruce Bochy. I’d rather be a pea brain that blames him, questions his decisions and non-strategy than one like you, who worships him and his heavenly mentor…You are in the minority buddy! I don’t have the time to wait another 27 years.

          4. You listened to the Marichal game…I saw it. I do not worship DM, I just do not condemn him every time something bad happens, Lefebvre hit 24 HR’s in 65, and the team had a total of 78. I did not get that off the back of a baseball card either. I have suffered through the same WS drought as you, but unlike you and most fans, I am more realistic about a teams chances now. Yeah, last night they won because a runner got hit with a batted ball and that ended the game. Same thing happened yesterday after noon for the Giants when an Angel player got hit and it ended the game. And how do you or any other person or fan know why he plays certain players on certain days? You have inside information? You have no clue as to why. He sat Rollins and Uribe yesterday, Uribe has sat the last two. He is using the pieces the FO gave him. And they are in first place. So why the vitriol against a guy you do not even know? You talk about managerial gaff’s? I’ll give you one that cost the Dodgers a trip to the WS……..Walter Alston sending Stan Williams into pitch in the 9th inning against the Giants in the 62 playoffs. Turned a 4-2 win into a 6-4 loss real fast. The reason Lou Johnson played more games than Davis was because Davis broke his ankle and was out for the year. DM is not a strategically smart guy, that I readily admit. Neither was Lasorda. Every manager has weaknesses’ and strengths. The players respect the guy. They play hard, what more do you want? Oh Yeah….a WS..Well lots of former mangers who never played in one have won. If they do not get there, then you can cry all day and blame DM. If they do get there, well then we will see if he can win one. Not that easy to get there……2 sets of playoffs, anything can and will happen. By the way…..I know Wes Parker, Met him years ago….he was the one who got my tape to the FO so I got to sing the National Anthem there in 81…..Norm and Larry Sherry lived on my block in Highland Park and as kids we would go to Arroyo Seco Park in late Jan and shag fly’s while Larry pitched BP to Norm and a couple other players…….

          5. That 62 playoff game that they lost. Some of the players in wanted Drysdale to close the game and get it over.But Alston’s rationale was; “We’ll need him to start the first game of the World Series.” I know…You know what happened in the clubhouse after the game. That and the ’73 season when they were up 10.5 to 12.5 games up on the 2nd place Reds on, or around Labor Day…They choked that season away. Sad for me. It was my favorite Dodger player Willie Davis’ last season. One of the worst gaffs is when Lasorda elected to pitch to Clark during the ’85 playoffs. We were talking about Broxton. Look what Tommy did to Niedenfuer. Tommy not only had rabbit ears but you also know he had a mouth on top of it. Spokane used to come and play my town’s AAA affiliate. The mayor’s son was heckling the hell out of Lasorda. Apparently he had enough and between the inning told the kid “Shut your f—-g mouth! You f—g son of a bitch.” No…I don’t know Mattingly but my cousin lives in Jasper IN. He was a all-state LHP, who was later drafted by the Cardinals. He struck Mattingly out twice in a regional playoff game…Played basketball against him, as well. I am a Dodger fan because my Dad was. Gil Hodges was his idol. Gil is from a town in SW Indiana about 30 miles away from where Dad is from. Most of my relatives back there are Cards or Cubs fans. But, they’ll tell you that they know more about the Dodgers and baseball than most Dodger fans do.
            I have a cousin who sang the national anthem at Dodger Stadium. I won’t drop her name. Family wouldn’t appreciate it. She used to live in Malibu. You know your shit and I respect that. I don’t agree with you about Guerrero defensive capabilities. I played all 4 infield positions. I felt more comfortable on the left side than the right. My internal clock worked better. I felt I had more range over there. Could have had a better arm. Who cares?…Right! Alex had a 975 FA in the minors playing mostly 2nd base. Bill Russell had a 948 FA in ’74 and committed 40 errors. They would blame it on the crushed brick skin surface and having a small target at first base.That infield was more offensively oriented. The double play combination were both former outfielders. That is a harder transition than going from infield to outfield…Talk all day to you…GO DODGERS. PS…Grandal and Guerrero will surprise you and make an impact before it’s all over. Grandal is getting help from one of the toughest and most clutch catchers to ever wear that uniform.

          6. Duke Snider was the one who was on Alston’s arm telling him to put Big D in there. They had lost Koufax for the year with that circulatory problem in his finger. That playoff should have never happened. They were 4 games up with 4 to play and lost them all. Duke was my guy. I used his batting stance, and played OF and 1B because I was a lefty. Pitched a little in high school, but my fastball was so slow a snail would beat it home. Could always hit, and held my own in the field. I wanted to go pro, but it was not in the cards. I went in the Army when I was 17 and played a lot of baseball and softball there. Little harder to follow the team when I was in the army, but I read the box scores and synopsis every day and always had a sporting news nearby. listened to the games on armed forces radio when I was overseas,. The 66 series was a heartbreaker because they could not hit, made critical errors, And kind of knew Koufax was not going to come back. In high school, we had to face Joe Moeller in batting practice. He was an alumnus. In the Army there was a guy named Davidson, who was a Giant farm hand. Hit a 435 ft homer off him. But it was hard to be able to play a lot of real baseball unless you were in special services. So I stuck to slo pitch and fast pitch softball. The night I sang the anthem, they were playing the Giants. It was not long after the strike ended. That was the night Cey got his arm broke.They ended up losing 6-3….But it was a great night. Got to go in the dugout, Wes gave me a ball that a bunch of the guys signed. Gave Tommy a rookie card of his I had. Shook Fernando’s hand as I was headed out to CF to sing. Got my picture taken with Jay Johnstone……….actually got to meet the lady who always sat in the pavilion and would twirl garlic to stop opponents rally’s Francis Friedman….and to top it all off, got a tour of the home locker room from Rick Sutcliffe……was a cool night……I think Guererro, will settle in and be ok…I have zero faith in Grandal to be any better than he was last year. And remember…Olivera is going to be here sometime this year, and based on the huge contract he got…..Guererro will lose playing time to him

          7. Francis was the president of the Jimmy Wynn fan club. I remember her. My birthday July 1st, 1975. My parents and my two brothers were picnicking in Elysian Park. Around 2:00 to 3:00 PM my older brother and I went up the road and snuck under the gate. We were out behind the left field pavilion where the players parked at that time. Francis was there with about 2 dozen kids. Then all of a sudden. The players started showing up. I remember Cey and Garvey arrived in a small Nissan or (Datsun back then) coupe. Nothing extravagant like you would think. Steve Yeager should up in a white Cadillac with “Yeags7” on the license plate. Proclaiming how I almost caught you SOBs on the freeway. Using profanity in front of all these kids and Frances made me uncomfortable…Not that I’ve never said firetruck in front of anyone. I had my Dodger hat on. I got Cey’s, Garvey’s plus a wink…We are about the same height. Jimmy Wynn’s, Bill Russell’s (underrated clutch hitter). Lee Lacy’s, Willie Crawford’s (who was just as wreckless and dumb as Puig running the bases. Rick Auerbach’s, Ken McMullen ( who had just lost his wife months before).Very nice man and not stuck up. Al Downing refused. Ken told me that he never signs hats. We sat right behind the Dodger dugout, maybe 2nd row. Can’t touch those seats during the 90’s…Corporate owned then. Now I think there about 125.00 a piece, depending on who they are playing. Took a leak with Rick Sutcliffe in a Bobby McGee’s when he was with the Indians during ST. I asked if he was Rick Sutcliffe?, Even though I knew who he was. He asked me how I knew? I’m a Dodger fan. He told me how he loved the organization and how he made so many friends. “I just couldn’t stomach Lasorda”. I complain about Mattingly. That was just plain cold leaving him off the World Series roster. He later threw Bill Russell under the bus, as well. I think Olivera will end up at 1st base eventually. But not because of Guerrero. Boras will find a better suitor and re-do his contract. Guerrero, like so many Dodger rejects will come back to haunt them someday.

          8. The Toy Cannon. His first year he was a real treat to watch. Crawford I always felt should have been a far better player than he was. I took my son to a doubleheader against the Expo’s one year. We sat in the LF pavilion. After the 2nd game was over, we went out and waited by the players lot because he wanted to try and get an autograph. There was a huge chain link fence around it then. Eric Davis, and Strawberry came out and refused to sign for any one. Hershiser signed and so did Scioscia. He also got an autograph from the Expos starter. Who’s name slips away right now, but I do remember he was later traded to the Angels. A lot of former players have come back and haunted them. Garvey always played well against the Dodgers.

          9. Great stories. I’ll never forget that grand slam that Jimmy Wynn against the Reds late in the 1974 season, which pretty much demoralized the Reds and knocked them out of the western division race. For me, That was just as dramatic as the Gibson HR in the ’88 WS. He played with pain because of the bone chips in his right elbow. He had trouble throwing. When he was with Houston, the story was that his ex-wife stabbed him in the stomach with a kitchen knife multiple times. Almost ended his career.
            You saw the Marichal-Roseboro brawl. Earlier that summer in 1974, I was at the brawl game against the Reds. The one where Buckner slid hard into Morgan to break up a double-play and then they got in to it big time. It happened so fast. There is no replay when you are there live in person. I hated Pete Rose. I think everybody did after the incident with Bud Harrelson. When I saw Ferguson going after him. I was delighted…Almost better than sex. The first time I went to Dodger Stadium in 1963 was not to see the Dodgers…but the Angels. They called it Chavez Ravine to neutralize it and make it palatable for their fans. Speaking of them, I have a story about Arte Moreno and his humble beginnings. I’d like to share with you sometime. The second time, was not until 1972. I went to some Padre games. Nothing more exciting than watching the Padres playing the Astros at that time. I live in AZ so it was a treat There may be some fans that don’t remember that Frank Robinson was a Dodger. Or that the controversial, Dick Allen was a Dodger, as well. We sat in the left field pavilion. I’m watching him at bat with the aid of binoculars. He swings. My Dad says, “Here it comes!” He leaned over the seat in front of him. My Mom cringed as you would expect. the ball hit his fingertips and it landed in the row in front of us. I remember some man, with Asian heritage ended up with it. Seeing Willie Davis in an Expo uni was heartbreaking. But, not as horrifying as Hershiser in a Giant uniform.

          10. I was still in the army in 74. But I did get home a couple of times to see them play. Most of that year I was going to El Paso Diablo games. The manager was Norm Sherry. He had some pretty good players on the team including Ron Jackson, who eventually made it to the Angels. But they had a 2nd base man who would go on to fame in a different arena……..Kurt Russell….yep, that Kurt Russell….he was hitting like .550 when he got hurt on a DP and it ended his career. His dad owned the team. When I moved back to California in 75 was when I began to see more games. Went every chance I got. Really POed my brother one time when Ferguson hit a ball that bounced on the warning track and over the wall….was coming right at him and I knocked his glove out of the way and snagged it. Pays to have a first baseman’s mitt! Went to the old Padre park one time in I think it was 73. They were playing the Cubs. Rick Monday was still a Cub then. Anyway, there was about 6000 people there, that was all. Our box seats were such that you could walk around to that LF wall and catch anything someone was lucky enough to hit over that 20 ft wall. I got 8 balls that day. Gave a few more to kids around us…..but I probably caught closer to 20…..was very strange to be in such an empty park after having 50,000 almost everytime I went to Dodger stadium. Pads had those awful yellow and brown unis…

          11. Just remembered the Expos starters name….Kent Bottenfield……

          12. You don’t have to make personal remarks, because you don’t agree with another persons thoughts! Also, the fact that the Yankees did not hire Mattingly for their manager, says a lot about what the Yankee’s thought about Mattingly’s ability to manage! It does look like Mattingly does not know anything about small ball! There had been to many times in the past, when the Dodgers have trouble getting the offense to go, and not being able to score a person on third base with less than two outs! These are the times small ball, and getting the runners in action can help score runs, and can get the offense going! The Giants do this all of the time! They score runs with a walk, or just getting the base runner in action, and they do this with one put out, and maybe just one hit! The Giants can score more runs then the Dodgers, with fewer hits than the Dodgers

          13. Lady, you had better first check the standings and second check team stats…..the Giants are far from out scoring the Dodgers, and the poster and I have become friends, so mind your own business…

          14. I did not say the Giants scored more runs! I said the Giants score more runs, on many less hits, than the Dodgers! The Giants make more use of small ball, and in the process they score more runs on much less! Often, the Dodgers have runners on third base, with less than two outs, and they don’t score! I’m saying there are more ways than waiting for a hit, that will score runners, especially when their on third base! Even you said that Mattingly was challenged when it comes to strategy! Also don’t try to intimidate me! I’m glad you are friends now! He has not complained to me, for standing up for him, and it is not right to get personal! We all are Dodger fans here, and there is no need for being derogatory with your language!

          15. If you think the phrase pea brain is derogatory, well I am sincerely sorry. But I am pretty sure you are judging from what you see in Giant-Dodger games. That’s fine, but they are leading the league in home runs, their RISP is very good. Now I will attempt to answer your small ball usage question. First, there are really no prolific bunters on the team except maybe Kershaw. The Dodgers right now are drawing a lot of walks, but they also have a few guys, Gonzo, Uribe, Ethier, Turner, Grandal, who hit into a lot of double plays. None of those guys are great bunters, so trying to move the runner over is not their strong point. So in those cases, DM is limited in what he can do. Also, this team has more power hitters than the Giants do. They almost all of them have serious gap power. So small ball is really not part of this teams offense. They are not built that way. These are line drive guys, That bunch of banjo hitters SF has plays that way because the have those kinds of hitters. There are 2 true power threats in SF …Posey and Pence. That’s it. The Dodgers have 2 guys who tied for the league lead…Joc and Gonzo..you play what your given….and remember. it is a long season…..the Giants OWNED the Dodgers early last season…..by June that all changed….. I am more worried about the starting pitchers than I am the offense

          16. Thanks for the response! I understand that some can’t bunt, but every player should know how to bunt! When Uribe’s tried to bunt last time, it seemed to me, to be a half hearted attempt, and I do like Uribe! Players should know, that you only bunt strikes, except In a squeeze attempt. I know the Dodgers have much more power, but sometimes in a good pitching duel, there needs to be a way to get the offense going, and to score runs, when runs are tight! These tight games, and games in the playoffs, HRS can be hard to come by, so a team needs to have other tools to score! Anyone can really bunt if they want to! Maybe they need a little practice to bunt better. Puig can bunt, as well many pitchers, and they say most pitchers are not really good athletes! Also a little hit and run can also be used! It is just frustrating, when the Dodgers leave so many runners on third base! I knew you guys have mentioned Lasorda and Alston. I really don’t know Alston’s back ground, but I know Lasorda payed his dues, to get the manager job! He managed in AAA, and the winter leagues, before becoming the Dodger’s manager. Tommy really motivated his players, and didn’t throw them under the bus! I really don’t think Mattingly gets the most out of his players, and has so much trouble, handling the bullpen. I guess I believe the Dodgers should not have a manager that is learning on the job, if Mattingly is learning, some say he is not!

          17. Forgive me if I disagree on your point that DM does not get the most out of his players and I will give you my reasons. First…… Managers today are mostly ego managers. These players make such obnoxious money that egos can really be a problem. The Yankees the last few years, and the Dodgers have both had those problems. DM has done a good job keeping that problem in check. His teams have improved their win totals each of his 4 years as manager. There is a trend in baseball lately where guys with no experience have been getting jobs. example, …..Mike Matheny with St Louis, …….Craig Counsell with the Brewers. Bunting is indeed a skill all big league players should have, and they practice that every day in batting practice. But in a game situation it is a lot harder to execute than you would think. Alston was a minor league manager for a few years before he was hired in 54 to manage the Dodgers after Charlie Dressen wanted a multi year contract after winning back to back pennants. Alston had one MLB at bat and he struck out. He was a Cardinal when that happened. He was the exact opposite of LaSorda. Quiet, but quite imposing. He once had the driver stop the bus on the way to the airport because the team was too jocular after a loss. He challenged anyone who disagreed with him to get off the bus and they would settle it. Not one player moved. ….Note…that team included 6’7″ Frank Howard……..DM makes some questionable moves. But I would worry more about the so called stability of the starting staff than Donnie’s managing…..especially with the team winning.

          18. Thanks for your information on Alston! I guess Alston not being a good player, is a good example of that old baseball adage that good players don’t make good managers! I have heard that managers are just figure heads, and that some front offices, actually are the ones that make the batting order, and call the plays! I don’t believe that Colletti handled this, and I really don’t know for sure, if the new front office does this, or maybe they just influence the manager’s calls. I thought that last year, if Matingly would have picked the three starting outfielders last year sooner, that that would had solved the situation better! There would only be one man out( not including SV, and then there would have been only one outfielder, unhappy on the bench! Also staying with the same starting three, would benefit the players bats,and defense, by playing on a regular basis! Don’t you think it is weird that the Yankees didn’t sign Mattingly? Anyways, so far, this team has been a joy to watch! Last year it took so much, to get the offense going, and every game seemed to end the same way! I was not happy with Kemp being traded, because I was worried, on how the Dodgers would be able to score enough runs, but at this point the team seems to be much better, except for the starting pitching. I do think that that will be addressed by the front office, after they find out about Ryu! Until then, they will mix and match from AAA!

          19. Ryu will not be back before late June if then. Beachy, who had TJ surgery is ahead of Ryu in his recovery. The reason DM did not just say these are my starting 3 last year was easy. Injury’s, to Kemp, Crawford and Puig. Kemp started the season on the DL. But he was only there like the first week. Andre was playing most of the games, and Puig was struggling out the gate. Kemp was having a hard time in CF…..so they moved him to left….which totally backfired, then when Crawford came back, they moved Kemp to RF, Puig to CF and Crawford became the full time LF again. Ethier was really struggling so he went to the bench. SVS started against lefty’s and for the most part that was the way it stayed,….Kemp and Crawford took off, Puig went on a 2 month slump, and they cruised to the division. Injury’s can play a huge role in what the manager can do. This year is no different. Ethier started off hot and has cooled off….Pederson is showing power and a good not great average. Crawford and Puig are hurt so SVS and Guererro are alternating. Heisey is there for defensive purposes. Very few FO’s or GM’s tell the manager who to play, unless they feel that there is a certain player they want to evaluate, or like Grandal, there is someone who is the center piece in a huge trade and naturally they want him to get the bulk of the playing time. I doubt Freidman and Zaidi are doing that with DM. No, I do not think it is strange that DM was not hired by the Yankees. They have never that I can remember hired a manager who has no experience….and Girardi became available…besides ,…DM was coming to the Dodgers with Torre

  2. quien escribio esto es un IGNORANTE,Guerrero gano un derby de HR en Cuba en la temporada 2012-2013 y se la gano a ABREU.Diganle a este periodista q se informe mejor .Asi q siempre ha tenido mucho PODER

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