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Dodgers News: Ned Colletti Updates Andre Ethier, Playoff Roster

Three days remain until Braves starter Kris Medlen throws the first pitch of Game 1, but until then, Dodger fans continue to monitor the progress of outfielder Andre Ethier.

Ethier hasn’t been on the field since September 13 with a shin/ankle injury and while the Dodgers have been at home, he’s been at the spring training complex in Arizona. Appearing on the Petros and Money Show on AM 570 Radio, general manager Ned Colletti updated Ethier’s status:

We’re a little bit banged up right now. We’re missing Kemp and we’re getting some better news on Andre Ethier. Hopefully we can use him to some extent on Thursday.

The Dodgers will evaluate Ethier tomorrow afternoon as they hope he’ll be ready for Thursday, but if he can’t, look for Skip Schumaker to start in center.

Even if Ethier can’t play in the field, the Dodgers have held discussions about possibly keeping him on the playoff roster as a pinch-hitter off the bench, but Colletti sounds hopeful he’ll play.

Meanwhile, the state of the Dodgers playoff roster is still in flux with all the injuries and Colletti touched on some of the decisions the coaching staff will have to make:

Hairston’s  fighting a little bit of a back issue. It’s something we’re debating and we’re also debating Dee. We expect the games in Atlanta to be very close, so he’s someone were thinking about. We’ve got five or six players for anywhere between two or three spots, depending on Andre’s health.

Colletti said the Dodgers would plan to use Gordon similar to how the Reds use Billy Hamilton and since the Braves nor Dodgers run that much, it could be an added advantage.

It sounds like tomorrow’s evaluation of Ethier will have a domino affect as the Dodgers can’t set their NLDS roster until they know if he can play during the series.


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