Dodgers News: Noah Syndergaard Will Prove to be the Steal of the Offseason

We did it! We did it! Everyone rejoice! The Dodgers have officially signed RHP Noah Syndergaard to a one-year deal!

If you’re an avid reader of dodgersnation.com, an avid watcher of Dodgers Nation Youtube or an active follower of me on Twitter (@noahcamras), you’ve probably heard me mention the Dodgers signing RHP Noah Syndergaard this offseason.

I’ve been calling for it since the beginning of the offseason, and just this morning, wrote yet another article about why the Dodgers should sign him. The bad news, that article had to be scrapped. The good news, it had to be scrapped for a great reason. Noah Syndergaard is officially a Los Angeles Dodger.

All offseason long, I’ve been saying, if the Dodgers were to only make one move this offseason, I would hope it was for a starting pitcher. Before adding Syndergaard, there were many more questions than answers in their rotation.

Julio Urias is a sure thing. He’s been one of the best pitchers in baseball the last two seasons. But after him, the Dodgers would be relying on the oft-injured Tony Gonsolin, the unknown post-Tommy John surgery Dustin May and a soon-to-be 35-year-old Clayton Kershaw.

And with Tyler Anderson and Andrew Heaney officially gone, the Dodgers have a ton of innings to fill next season. Enter Noah Syndergaard. 

In 2015 and 2016, Syndergaard, nicknamed Thor, was on course to become one of the best pitchers in baseball. He threw with power, was as filthy as anyone, and was a part of a strong Mets rotation that led them to the World Series in 2015. In 2016, Syndergaard was named an All-Star for the first and only time in his career. 

Then, the injuries started to hit. In 2017, Syndergaard missed time with a partially torn lat muscle. In 2018, he missed time with a strained ligament in his right index finger. And then, in 2020, his injuries climaxed with a Tommy John surgery. 

Pre-Tommy John, from 2015-2019, Syndergaard threw 1,241 pitches at 99 mph. The only player who threw more in that time was Aroldis Chapman.

Last season with the Angels and Phillies, Syndergaard’s four-seam fastball averaged 94.1 mph, while his sinker averaged 93.6 mph. At best, his fastball topped at 96-97 mph. Because of that dip in velocity, he suffered career-lows in whiff rate and strikeout percentage. 

So you may be thinking, why should Dodger fans be excited about signing him?

Well first of all, I’m glad you asked. And second of all, let me tell you.

Syndergaard is still just 30-years-old, and will come at significantly less of a cost than the top pitchers on this volatile starter market (it’s now been reported he signed for $13 million with incentives, so, again, signficantly less than the top pitchers on the market). It’s also only a one-year deal, so there’s very little risk. Syndergaard also showed great improvements in his secondary pitches last year, something the Dodgers will help him even further enhance next season. 

I like to think back to last season when the Dodgers took a flier on Tyler Anderson. Anderson had a career 4.62 ERA before coming to the Dodgers. Then he went through the Mark Prior school of pitching, and came out an All-Star. If Prior can take Anderson and Heaney and turn them into very effective starters, I’d love to see what he can do with a former All-Star like Syndergaard — and now we will get to.

Noah Syndergaard is by no means the splash that someone like Carlos Rodon is. I’m not expecting him to be a Cy Young candidate next season. But I do think Syndergaard will be a perfect pitcher to work with Mark Prior, and come out nearing his dominance from 2016.

After a month of begging, the Dodgers finally made the move I’ve been hoping for. Noah Syndergaard is a Dodger, and Noah Camras is very, very happy.

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Noah Camras

Noah is an Editor for Dodgers Nation. He graduated from USC in 2022 with a B.A. in Journalism and minor in Sports Media Studies. He's been a Dodger fan his whole life, and his all-time favorite Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Russell Martin.


  1. This was my one prediction for the Dodgers as well. Made too much sense; former big-time starter, hampered by injuries and a TJ procedure. Came back okay with Anaheim and Philly. Perfect prospect for the Dodgers staff to exploit. Also, perfect fill-in for Buehler for 2023.

    Of course, it will go as planned and Thor will perform off the charts, then sign a big deal with someone else. Oh well, we will get Buehler back. But, maybe- just maybe, Thor gets commercial deals and a Hollywood gig and decides to re-sign to take advantage of the opportunities based on his “looks”…

    Let. The. Kids. Play.

    1. Due to the inevitable pitcher injuries, Pepiot, Grove, and Jackson will probably get a chance in the rotation. Though perhaps not Miller and Stone since they aren’t on the 40 man roster yet.

      1. I was actually impressed by Pepiot late last year, so do see him as the 6th starter. Jackson’s best role may be Long Reliever, but that also looks like that’s what Shelby Miller is…

        As for Miller, my bet is he really shows out in spring training, but they have him start in AAA anyway. Gain another year of control. But, he WILL be a starter by late summer… 😉

  2. Mark Prior should be able to get the best of Thor. I predict a repeat of the Tyler Anderson experience.

    1. They have more than hope. If any of the 5 starters goes down they have a bunch of high quality young pitchers in the minors to call up. They also have the prospect ammunition to swing a mid-season trade for a quality starter if needed. They also probably aren’t done adding to the pitching staff. Unlike many Dodgers fans I am very optimistic about 2023.

  3. Maybe we’re talking two different ideals here Johnathan. My heights must be set to high. I’m talking World Series, I believe your talking rebuild. That’s fine and all but the Dodgers have gone backwards so far in losing T.Turner-Martin Reliever,Tyler Anderson “Their Best pitcher” Kahnle another strong reliever, Bellinger gold glove center fielder and they’ve replaced them with Synderguard who is injury laden, another injured pitcher from scrap heap and this minor leaguer from the A’s. I’m glad you have faith in our minor league players and feel good about trades at the deadline but ask yourself a question: Are the Phillies,Mets,Padres,Braves and Giants all going to sit on their hands at the deadline? Those teams are all in and the Dodgers “Like you,” are optimistic that their minor laegue can hit and pitch as well as Tatis-Manny-Soto-Boehgarts etc etc etc,. Add that Dave Roberts is the manager, and no sorry I have zero optimism about the Dodgers World Series chances. I am a genuine through and through dodgers fan and have been for 57 years, and this is not a post season ready club.

  4. Meh. Injuries, rehab, plus surgery equals drop in performance.
    I’m glad it’s a one-year deal.

  5. Cubs will say they Gad the bigger steal when Cody puts up his big numbers this coming season

  6. On Jackson, what’s strange is that he was terrible last year at AAA but did very well in his short time in the big leagues.

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