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Dodgers News: Padres Considering Lower Offers for Brad Hand

Tomorrow is the trade deadline and teams are starting to panic. Both the sellers and the buyers are starting to scramble to make things happen.

The Padres clearly are ready to part ways with Brand Hand. Originally they were asking for top prospects like Verdugo, but they’ve made it very clear that they are lowering the expectations in hopes to get something out of him at this deadline. The market for Hand may be limited with guys like Britton and Darvish on the market. It has been reported that the Padres have received a series of lower ranked prospects for Hand. None of which has moved the Padres towards pulling the trigger.

The Dodgers’ have shown interest in Hand but have always been cautious with dealing players to teams in their division. They don’t want a guy like Verdugo tearing them up for the next 10 years. That being said, is the risk worth the reward? Brad Hand has an ERA of 2.00! He’s struck out 70 batters in 54 innings this year and hasn’t given up a run since June 30th. He has yet to develop into a big name like Britton, but according to the numbers, he could be a more valuable piece.

Looking ahead at the playoffs, Brand Hand could be very useful to come in against strong left-handed hitters. If the playoffs were to start today, L.A. would be facing hitters like Bryce Harper and Anthony Rizzo; some of the stronger left-handed hitters in baseball. So having a great lefty arm out of the bullpen could be crucial for tough situations. Last year’s playoff run relied so heavily on relief pitching. Kenley Jansen was huge, but at the end of the day, we lost due to a mistake in location from relief pitcher Joe Blanton. So how crucial is relief pitching? It’s everything.


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