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Dodgers News: Players Take To Twitter To Discuss NFL Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs, especially Conference Championship weekend, are wild.

On Sunday afternoon, the Denver Broncos defeated the New England Patriots thanks to a defensive stand on a two-point conversion attempt. In the evening, the Carolina Panthers throttled the Arizona Cardinals. The Broncos and Panthers will meet for the crown on February 7th.

It’s always cool to see athletes discuss another sport while it’s going on – even if it’s trivial stuff. Athletes are this fraternity that a lot of us don’t have the benefit of ever getting into, at least not on the level that you see in the professional leagues.

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We’ll start it off with Brandon McCarthy (@BMcCarthy32) first:

This obviously came after the Panthers defeated the Cardinals in resounding fashion. The owner of the Panthers is Jerry Richardson. If you’ve never seen him, you should (link here). He just always looks displeased.

Staying on the Panthers side of things, catcher A.J. Ellis (@AJEllis17) is apparently a terrible fantasy football adviser:

Quite curious if that cost them a championship or not. After all, Cam Newton was a monster in fantasy, and Jonathan Stewart was a good option to have, as well.

Justin Turner (@redturn2) might have the right thinking, and if Bill Belichick had listened to him, perhaps the Patriots would have won:

Belichick didn’t cut his sleeves off. Instead, he left them on and the Patriots lost after failing to cash in on the two-point conversion.

Kike Hernandez (@kikehndez) delivered a little bit of a joke to Brett Anderson (@BrettAnderson35) after the Broncos won:

The reason for Kike’s use of the word “changeup” is because, in a tweet last week, Anderson referenced that Manning “has the best change-up in the NFL.”

But, perhaps the best, and most astute, tweet of the night went to first baseman Adrian Gonzalez (@AdrianTitan23):

We can only hope so! Is there anything better than free pizza? Unlikely.

It was cool to see the players discuss such big events in the world of sports, even if the major one we have a direct interest in has to do with free pizza.

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