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Dodgers News: Puig Wants To Turn The Clock Back

Turning back the hands of time is never easy. In some cases, it’s seen as an impossibility. For Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a man who escaped Cuba, doing the impossible is something he knows about all to well thus far in his life and career.

But if Puig has his way, he’ll turn back those hands of time to 2013, when he first made his impact felt on Major League Baseball. That’s also when he was surrounded by those that he trusted and could get help from. Puig wants to go backwards to go forward.

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From Jorge L. Ortiz at the USA Today:

“I want (Bravo) to help me like he did in 2013,’’ Puig told USA TODAY Sports in Spanish. “I want to be with the people who were around me when I joined this team in 2013 so I can perform well on the field in 2016, as well or even better than in 2013.’’

Bravo is Tim Bravo, who was Puig’s translator and mentor back in 2013. Along with him, Puig wants to bring his mother, Maritza, and two-year old son, Diego Alejandro, with him, as well. In fact, his mother and son are already with him in Arizona.

Puig’s drive can’t be questioned, either. He wants to succeed:

“I want to improve on last year, which was my worst season in all aspects,’’ Puig said. “I’ve never hit so poorly, not even when I was a little kid. Coming off such a bad season, I have to work on my body, my hitting, on hitting the cutoff man, all that’s required to do well in American baseball.’’

There’s no denying that Puig wants to improve and succeed at this level. He doesn’t want his 2015 season to become the norm, but rather he wants that 2013 campaign to become the thing that repeats itself time after time.

If Puig is able to turn back the hands of time in 2016 and recapture the things that made him great in 2013, then the fans will love him even more for it. Puig isn’t content being a flash in the pan. He wants to be the fire that rages for years, and he definitely can be with this attitude.

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