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Dodgers News: Adrian Gonzalez’s Clay Art Creation Is Adorable

Beate Kuhn, John Glick, Peter Voulkos, and, now, Adrian Gonzalez. What do they all have in common? They’re the best of the best at making pristine art out of clay. Okay, so the last one is a stretch but let’s go with it since the Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman isn’t exactly an expert in that department.

Like those artists before him, Gonzalez himself has created a masterpiece worthy of display in any of the world’s finest museums. When he’s done as a professional baseball player, the 6-foot-2 sweet swinging lefty is going to take the world by storm with his artistic imagination. There’s no doubt about it.

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From Adrian Gonzalez’s (@AdrianTitan23) personal, and official, Twitter account the other day:

Look at the exquisite details that cover every inch of that beautiful clay rendition of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.” Look at the whatever-they-are on the bottom of her fins. Just so pristine and perfect. Done with the gentle eye of a seasoned artistic pro. It’s hard to get that level of precision.

And look at the eyes! Sure, he makes Ariel look a little crosseyed and stuff, but it’s okay. That’s clearly just artistic license at work here, and if there’s one thing that Adrian Gonzalez knows how to do, it’s to take care of the small details so that the whole piece looks phenomenal. This looks sensational.

Also, don’t overlook the flowing red hair that just sits on the right shoulder and then drapes across. The way her hands — wait, are there hands? I’m not sure there are hands. Either way, the way her hands just go with the motion of the light as it passes over her body. Beautiful!

When his career is over, we hope to see Adrian Gonzalez touring the world as he puts his works on display for all of humanity to see. This was just the beginning to his wonderful after-baseball endeavors, and this masterpiece was a real “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” work of art.

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