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Dodgers News: Rich Hill Expresses Desire To Be On Postseason Roster

It can be said that Rich Hill is the heart and soul of the current Los Angeles Dodgers. Surely, few players in the clubhouse have encountered more adversity, or possess more guile and grit than that of the 40-year old southpaw.

Therefore, when he says that being on the postseason roster looms large in his mind; someone should be listening up. What’s more, Hill’s experience and versatility throughout the span of his long career could serve the Dodgers well in the pressure-cooker known as the MLB Playoffs.

D. Mountain spoke with Alanna Rizzo of SportsNet LA about his desire to be on the postseason roster with his teammates. Also, he spoke towards the latest update on his health.

Indeed, everything went well during Hill’s throwing session on Friday. The best way he could put it was in the simplest of ways – the way the ball game out of his hand felt great.

“The ball came out of my hand great, felt great with the brace on. I checked boxes and look forward to pitching in San Diego. The curveball was good and everything was coming out the way I wanted it to. That’s the best way I can explain it.”

Emphatically, Hill says he wants to be part of the Dodgers’ October; more than just being in uniform in the dugout.

“I want to be part of this postseason team. Definitely, I help the team when healthy in any capacity I can. Obviously I think it’s most as a starter, but that’s not my call.”

It’s been a long road for Hill this year in regards to injuries. Without question, players with less fortitude and mental toughness would have packed it up and went home already. However, that’s not the Dick Mountain way; because Dick Mountain has no quit within in.

Here’s to hoping he’s an integral part of the Dodgers postseason roster, and he gets the ball in a big spot. If there’s one thing we know about Hill – you cannot count him out when the lights are the brightest or in situations of high adversity.

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    1. Rich could be at the end, and I’m sure he knows that. This is when if I’m a manager and know his makeup, I would want him on the roster. Even if he can only go 2 or 3 innings. His curveball is nasty when it’s on. Stick him in the bullpen or as an opener; and he could really be a HUGE advantage for us for a couple games in any of the series’. He would really mess up the other team’s timing.

  1. And Roberts/Friedman will make the same mistake 3 years in a row with him if they’re lucky enough to have the opportunity again

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