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Dodgers News: Rich Hill Talks About Controversy of World Series Game 4 Start

In game four of the 2018 World Series, much was made of Dave Roberts’ decision to pull Rich Hill. Nevertheless, we know how the story ended up. The Dodgers would go from nearly tying the series to not winning another game. It’s hard to imagine a bigger turning point in the entire series.

Now, there’s more to the story. Hill told in a podcast that the decision for him to make that start was actually the bigger factor. Moreover, Hill didn’t know he was starting that game until the day of.

You can hear the full audio at the tweet in the link below.

“There is a rhythm, there is a flow to the game that the starting pitcher gets into and I don’t know if the World Series is necessarily the time to actually … It was up in the air,” Hill explained.

To be fair – the game the night prior went 18 innings. Boston would not hurry into naming a starter, so as a counter; the Dodgers operated in the same manner.

It seems that Alex Cora and the Red Sox succeeded in getting Dave Roberts to play right into their hands.

After Hill was pulled, Scott Alexander and Ryan Madson entered and blew a 4-0 lead. The Dodgers eventually lost the game 9-6, wasting a dramatic home run from Yasiel Puig.

From there, the Dodgers were deflated in losing game five. If you followed the pulse of the team all year – that seemed to be the night the series was truly lost.


This is interesting to hear Hill come out and say so long after the fact. Still, it is very clear that a player in Roberts’ clubhouse did not agree with how things were handled from the beginning that day. On that night – I remember several members of our staff said that it would be hard to fully support all of Roberts’ in-game decisions. The more interesting point is that Roberts made a decision that deeply affected one of his players. So much that the player is still talking about it. Most interesting of all – Hill is such a gamer that he still had a sterling performance on that night anyways.

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  1. I think signing Roberts to a 4 year deal was premature. His “buy in to my philosophy and I’ll get us to the Workd Series” may not work this year because players now know that when push comes to shove in the WS, Roberts will play on analytics over the emotion, adrenaline, and gut of his players in that stage. Analytics work great in the marathon over a regular season, but you can’t quantify or measure player emotions, investment, or will in the WS. Not to mention, the minute he blamed Hill for “wanting to come out”, he exposed a significant flaw in his leadership.

    1. In addendum: his rotating practices don’t hold up under even a limited scrunity. Points in Cases: 1) when Kiki entered centerfiekd while Bellinger sat the bench, Kiki sruckout three times, so that was no-big advantage, and, secondly, there is less team chemistry developed when players have to go to the diamond to find oit what carnival has been pulled out of a mystic, seer-like hat.

  2. What a shit show this organization is. The fact that they gave this guy an extension tells me he’s just a good shill for these dorks upstairs

  3. The front office is largely calling the shots, not Roberts. Friedman’s contract is up after next year. I am not that impressed. Their moves backfired greatly in two consecutive WS. You have to adapt in the postseason because of the higher level of competition. Doing what got you there isn’t going to always work.

    1. I mean; we have been in THREE straight NLCS and two straight World Series though. I get it- but we are fortunate. Carpe diem

      1. I pretty much agree with Jason and ElysianPark had to say here in regards to how WS was managed. for the record most fans do acknowledge 3 NLCS appearances but losing back to back WS AT HOME is totally unacceptable and Roberts has a share in the responsibility for that. Most will NOT be content until Dodgers win a WS. It’s been 31 years, long enough.

    2. Well Freidman has come out and repeatedly said that the final in game and lineup decisions are Robert’s alone. Nevertheless the analytic platoon philosophy of theirs does not work in the PS as much, especially the WS. I honestly feel sorry for most LHB in this organization because they are being led to believe they cannot and or will not get any chances to hit against LHP. We saw 85+ HR’s sitting on the bench for the 1st 2 games of this WS…..

  4. I loved that entire interview with Rich Hill. We seldom get to hear so much conversation with him, and that was a fantastic, all-around, candid, personal, and professional interview. Loved it! But then again, I love so much about Rich Hill! Let him play until he is unable to play anymore, as he says himself, is his wish. Long live D. Mountain!

  5. I dont under stand how magic johnson being the champion that he is did not see how Dave Roberts mis managed the hole series u have dusty baker Mike Scioscia out their i hate to say this but with him at the helm were screwed we need tommy Lasorda to make decisions we’re screwed and then they want to get rid of Puig crazy Andrew fieldman don’t care I know Walter O’Malley is turning in his grave the way they’re running the Dodgers……

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