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Dodgers News: Rival Executives Impressed by Prospects Haul

The Dodgers started Wednesday off with a bang, sending prospects out to somehow receive better ones in return.

It’s especially surprising when you consider they didn’t wind up sending out the biggest name (Todd Frazier, who went from Cincinnati to the White Sox).

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Around the league, the reception of the deal has been overwhelmingly positive in the Dodgers’ favor, especially compared to the Reds.

Case in point:

Props to Passan on his usage of “huzzahed”.

Back to the Dodgers, though. Here’s Ken Rosenthal relaying some questions about how the trade went down:

Given the names involved, it seems like a perfectly fair question. Frankie Montas is seen as (at least) a really good relief pitcher with 100+ mph velocity. Trayce Thompson is seen as a plus athlete overall and Micah Thompson can immediately help the Dodgers as (again, at least) a platoon second baseman.

All of whom are obviously eligible to be packaged in a bigger deal, as well.

More on the what the Dodgers sent out:

Peraza is obviously somewhat tough to lose, but if he’s the biggest part heading out when two of another franchise’s top-10 prospects are coming in return, that’s a trade the Dodgers simply have to make any opportunity they can.

The reports and reaction are obviously pretty immediate, but as of right now, the prospects and flexibility the Dodgers were able to acquire are impressive to most around the league.

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