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Dodgers News | Rumors: Ethier and Crawford Trade Value, Blanton Signs, and More

Fans have been wondering when the Dodgers were going to add to the bullpen, and today they did just that. And could Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford finally be on the move? It does appear their trade values could be higher than previously thought. There’s that and more in today’s Dodgers Credits.

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  • The 2016 Dodgers appear to be quite similar to the 2015 Dodgers, writes Houston Mitchell. [LA Times]
  • Austin Barnes could be the answer to the Dodgers’ infield depth issues. [Dodgers Digest]

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  • Are the Dodgers trying to steer clear of $100 million dollar contracts? [CBS Sports]
  • Unfortunately, TV rights have made the Dodgers “the greatest team never seen.” [The Guardian]
  • Austin Jackson and former Dodger Juan Uribe are among the “top available bargain free agents.” [CBS Sports]
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  1. Yeah Ryan Excuse us as we throw a party and get the WS celebration bus route ready. Joe Blanton locks it up for US>>>>>>> They keep throwing 4 million here and 3 million there down the toilet but won’t spend money for Greinke?? Really.??

  2. It is perplexing that the Dodgers were not able, or frankly unwilling to resign Greinke. A lot has to do with his attitude. Zack was never really a Dodger; rather a “rent-a-player”. Professing that he would like to stay with the Dodgers, he jumped into the FA market looking for a, $1.00 higher than anyone else, contract. Really, Zack??
    The Dodgers are not without blame. Greinke was a HUGE fan favorite; Kershaw & Greinke were an amazing one two punch! Really, Dodgers??

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