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Dodgers News: Seager Leads Way On Baseball Prospectus’ Top 101 List

Baseball Prospectus is one of the best baseball prospect publications out there. Their work is tedious, thorough, and well-respected around the game. In fact, you could say it’s invaluable.

Their new prospect handbook is going to be released for print soon, and it’s one of the “must have” books of the season if we’re being honest about it. But, to honor the occasion, their publisher released the Top 101 Prospects list online.

The results are a little interesting as far as the Los Angeles Dodgers are concerned.

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According to the released online transcript, the Dodgers have 6 of the Top 101 prospects in baseball. It’s not just that, though. They also have the top prospect overall in Corey Seager, and the sixth best prospect overall in Julio Urias.

Urias comes in rated as the second best overall pitcher only behind the Washington Nationals’ right-hander Lucas Giolito, a prospect who should have not slipped as far as 16th in the 2012 Draft.

Also joining Seager and Urias in the Top 101 were Jose De Leon (#28), Grant Holmes (#40), Yadier Alvarez (#78), and Yusniel Diaz (#91).

It’s interesting to note that four of the six Dodgers on the list are pitchers. That tells you just how stacked they are at that position alone, and it gives the team the added benefit of knowing how well-off they are for the future in their rotation spots.

Even if some of those prospects never pan out as starting pitchers, you can always turn them into valuable relievers. Just ask Wade Davis and Andrew Miller.

Among their NL West compatriots, the San Francisco Giants had zero prospects on the list while the San Diego Padres had three, Arizona Diamondbacks had three as well, and the Colorado Rockies had a staggering seven, but their highest was rated 20th overall.

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  1. I’m actually surprised Cody Bellinger didn’t crack the top 100 along with Verdugo.  But another good season out of either pitcher should net them in that company.  Just goes to show how deep our system is!

  2. And can’t blame people for putting Seager at #1.  The kid has an extremely advanced approach at the plate, fantastic control of the strike zone, the mindset of being able to adjust within at bats, within games, and over the season.  If you dig into his AAA, he actually improved as the season went along.  Then in his call up, he didn’t try to do too much.  He took his walks, held to a simple bat-to-ball approach, and let his phenomenal talent and swing mechanics take care of the rest.  I think he also silenced many critics on his defensive chops too showing above average instincts, range, and a well above average arm.  Very excited about his ceiling, and totally comfortable with his really high floor!

  3. Seager passes the eye test. We don’t  know about many others, but he has the potential to be a great one. Unlike Peterson he puts the ball in play. All tall shortstops don’t become undiscipline, and eat themselves out of the position. Like his hitting approach, discipline follows most fascists of life. I see a left handed hitting version of Cal Ripkin.

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