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Dodgers News: Season Ticket Sales Resume After Suspension Wednesday

Dodgers TicketsAfter suspending season ticket sales on Wednesday due to a 98 percent renewal rate, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced this afternoon that season ticket sales will resume “on an extremely limited basis”.

Last season, the Dodgers set a record for 31,000 season seats sold, but Dodgers vice president of season ticket sales David Siegel declined to announce how many seats remain for this season. “Select-A-Seat” took place at Dodger Stadium earlier this week and with so many people renewing their tickets, sales needed to be suspended.

It’s been an interesting week for the Dodgers in terms of ticket sales and the implementation of paperless tickets. Ticket stub collectors were upset they couldn’t continue to do so at Dodger Stadium, but it sounds like there are scenarios where the organization will be lenient.

Here’s the full statement from the Dodgers regarding tonight’s news:

“Upon conclusion of this week’s select a seat event and servicing upgrades of existing season seat holders, the Dodgers have re-assessed availability and are reintroducing season ticket sales on an extremely limited basis beginning immediately,” said Vice President of Ticket Sales David Siegel. “It was important to us to do this in time for Dodgers FanFest this weekend.


“Season seat sales were temporarily halted on Wednesday because we had exceeded our supply of seats originally earmarked for season sale. After carefully evaluating the supply and our commitments, we made a determination to reintroduce season ticket packages with full season seat holder benefits, including full postseason rights.


“We have re-opened areas where we feel we can now sell without greatly hindering individual sales and post-season requirements. We are making the tickets available  for a wide range of budgets with prices between $12- $140 per ticket. ”

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