Dodgers News: Shawn Green Remembers Four-Home Run Game

Shawn Green

After Wednesday’s historic performance by Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, in which he hit three home runs against the San Diego Padres, it’s likely former Dodgers outfielder Shawn Green came to fan’s minds.

The reason for that of course being back in 2002, Green hit four home runs in one game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. In fact, it’s not just Dodger fans who remember the retired outfielder’s four homers — Green’s name comes up virtually every time a player who has three home runs in a game is at the plate looking with the opportunity to hit a fourth.

Now 42, Green shared his thoughts on his historic game living on with Ken Gurnick of MLB.com:

A friend of mine texted me, saying it must be nice every time somebody has three home runs in a game to be remembered,” Green said Thursday. “It’s true. It’s nice to be thought of a couple of times a year, especially when it’s a Dodger, and a left-handed hitter at that.”

Green, who in 2001 set the Dodgers’ single-season home run record with 49, also gave some insight into how he felt the days leading up to his 6-for-6 game:

That day, and that week, I had a very calm sense of being in the zone,” Green said. “As opposed to other times, when you’re in the zone and you almost start pressing because you don’t want to waste that great feeling you have. When that happens, in some ways you feel more pressure when you’re in that zone. But for that week, I was just very relaxed. Everything slowed down. All the clichés.”

Green spent five seasons with the Dodgers, retired in 2008 and the two-time All-Star now heads a technology company called Greenfly, which connects media companies with athletes and celebrities.


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