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Dodgers News: Skip Schumaker Says Braun Should Give MVP To Matt Kemp

The news dominating the baseball world was Ryan Braun admitted to using PEDs and was suspended for the rest of the season. For Dodgers fans this is just a reminder that Matt Kemp deserved the 2011 NL MVP award when he hit .324 with 39 home runs and 126 RBIs in 161 games.

Braun was suspended this afternoon due to his connection with the Biogensis Clinic in Miami after he won his appeal last season due to a negative test.

According to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times a current Dodger believes that Braun should give Kemp the award:

Schumaker had some strong words for Braun and rightfully so as the 2011 NL MVP is now a confirmed steroid user and has let down a lot of Brewers and baseball fans

Schumaker’s comments can be considered either harsh or fair, but one thing is for sure, 65 games is not enough and neither is the 3.25 million dollars he will lose because of the suspension.

When Braun was first connected to steroid use last season, Kemp was asked by Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times whether or not he’d accept the award:

“I would want to win by them voting me,” Kemp said. “I wouldn’t want them to just, ‘Oh, this person did that so how about we just give the award to this person?’ I don’t think it should work that way.

“If it is that way, then it should be a vacant award for 2011, no one should win the MVP award in the National League.”

Schumaker went a step further in his comments as he admitted that he’s going to take down the framed signed jersey in his sons room.

Today was a dark day for major league baseball and it sounds like this is just the beginning of the suspensions in connection with the clinic in Miami.

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