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Dodgers News: Stadium To Host UCLA-USC Baseball

When you think about the USC-UCLA rivalry, the immediate thought tends to be about football or maybe basketball, though the basketball rivalry has been historically one-sided in favor of UCLA.

People tend to forget about each program’s success in baseball, though, and to help turn that around, the Los Angeles Dodgers are opening up their stadium for the two programs (along with Mississippi State and Oklahoma) to showcase that aspect of the rivalry in what promises to be a really fun day.

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This, via the UCLA’s official page:

UCLA will once again be featured in the Dodger Stadium College Baseball Classic, highlighted by a match-up with cross-town rival USC. The Bruins will play the Trojans on Sunday, March 6 at Dodger Stadium. Mississippi State and Oklahoma will serve as the other two institutions in the Dodger Stadium College Baseball Classic, with the Bruins hosting the Bulldogs on March 4 and the Sooners on March 5, both at Jackie Robinson Stadium.

It’s really cool to see the Dodgers provide a better-known arena for the rivalry to take a stronger hold in the city of Los Angeles. For the Dodgers, they’ll have a front row seat as the players of tomorrow showcase their skills at the stadium.

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