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Dodgers News: Stan Kasten Assures No Mandate To Cut Debt

After much talk about the Dodgers being stuck in a huge debt pickle, there has also been many concerns in regards to not being able to afford a well-put team in the coming seasons.

Guggenheim is entering their fifth season of ownership and since 2012 the Dodgers’ payroll sky rocketed. This week, MLB issued a mandate to the Dodgers that they cut their debt. The mandate caused confusion and concern for the fate of free agents like Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen.

Doug Padilla of ESPN reported on the situation and provided some clarification straight from Stan Kasten of the Dodgers.

Here is what he had to say:

There is no mandate. There is no problem with our debt, and we continue to work on the same program we have been working on from the day we walked in here in 2012, which is to say we’re working hard to build the best team we can for this year while being mindful of continuing to build the best pipeline of minor leaguers to the major leagues that we can.

I think, in fairness, they [Fans] have appreciated the kind of team we have put together the last four years and the kind of future we have. And those things aren’t going to change.

What ever the case may be, payroll dropping in the coming seasons is well-known and raising home-grown players is a tactic.

As fans, we are confident the organization is in control of any debt and know that the players remain a priority.

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