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Dodgers News: Stan Kasten Discusses Trades Involving Top Prospects

Stan KastenA hot topic during the Los Angeles Dodgers off-season is whether or not they’ll pursue a trade involving some of their top prospects. Names like Joc Pederson, Julio Urias, Corey Seager and Zach Lee have all been thrown out as possible trade chips, but management has been reluctant to trade any of them.

However, GM Ned Colletti and president Stan Kasten said before free agency started that they were into Phase 2 of their plan for the Dodgers. This part of the plan calls for building from within, thus making it unlikely the Dodgers would trade for a player like Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price.

Talking to Bill Shaikin of the LA Times, Kasten reiterated that desire to keep prospects and if they’re close to trading any:

There are deals on the table that include top prospects, Kasten said, speaking generally. I can’t say we have any plans to move them.

At the start of the Winter Meetings, it was reported that the Dodgers expressed interest in trading for Price and wanted the Rays to keep them in mind if they decide to move the 28-year-old lefty.

Other teams thought to be in the mix for Price are the Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners, but it sounds like the Mariners are reluctant to deal prized prospect Tijuan Walker. Whether either team, the Dodgers or Mariners, stick to their desire to not trade prospects remains to be seen, but it’s clear Kasten and company are fighting the urge to do so.

Still, Kasten and the Dodgers are interested in trading for prospects, even at the cost of a veteran player:

What would have interested us — and might still — is to trade one of our veterans, Kasten said, again speaking generally, if we can get back young, controllable players and prospects.

It’ll be fascinating to see whether or not the Dodgers stick to their plan of keeping top prospects as dealing for Price and other proven players might be too good to pass up.


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