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Dodgers News: Team Interviews Mets’ Geren

More candidates! News broke earlier this morning Kirk Gibson was interviewed and now, we’re seeing another name tied to the Los Angeles Dodgers arduous process of finding their next manager: New York Mets bench coach: Bob Geren.

The Mets enjoyed a magical season this year, surprising everyone and making it to the World Series. When years like that occur, it usually becomes a feeding frenzy for anyone connected with that level of success. Terry Collins has already cashed in with a new deal. Now, his bench coach will probably be linked to managerial positions all over the league, especially after having been linked to the Dodgers.


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Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal was first to break the news:

From 2006 to 2011, Geren managed the Oakland Athletics, but was fired after several reports surfaced about his unorthodox managing style. As is usually the case, though, Geren was hired only months later for another position within baseball. He’s been the Mets’ bench coach since 2011.

Geren seems like a long shot to be hired considering the momentum with other candidates like Gabe Kapler, Dave Roberts and Dave Martinez. That said, given how detailed this search has been thus far, it’s hard to really rule anyone out completely.

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