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Dodgers News: Trayce Thompson Sets World Series Expectations for 2023 Season

Trayce Thompson is entering the 2023 season with a bit of an unknown role. Last year, he burst onto the scene, and was one of the team’s best hitters for a good stretch of the year. He earned himself a starting spot in the postseason, where he ultimately struggled (but he was far from the only player struggling).

Nevertheless, with the loss of Cody Bellinger this offseason, you’d think Thompson would have a clear cut role as a starter. However, he’s struggled early in spring, and hasn’t exactly proved that those few months of last year weren’t a fluke.

But still, he’s getting the same opportunity as everyone else to compete, however, he’s taking a few weeks off to represent Great Britain in the World Baseball Classic. While with the team, he spoke to Alanna Rizzo on High Heat about what he’s excited about this season with the Dodgers — and he had some high expectations.

“Being a Dodger and wearing that uniform, the biggest thing is the expectation,” Thompson said. “And we expect to win a World Series every year.”

The Dodgers enter every season with championship aspirations, but just once have they seen them come true. And this year may be the first year in a while where they don’t enter the season as one of the biggest favorites — but maybe it’s better that way.

Thompson expanded on the sentiment in an exclusive interview with He praised the organization’s ability to always make it about winning on the field.

“This is one of the best organizations in all of sports, not just baseball. It’s an honor to wear this uniform. I’ve spent the majority of my major league time in this uniform. At the same time, everyone knows the expectations that come with putting on this uniform. You have to produce. You have to go out there and help the team win. I’ve had times in my Dodger career where I’ve done that and I’ve had times in my Dodger career where I haven’t. So I feel like I’ve learned a lot over the years and I just try and apply it each and every day, so I’m just happy to be here now.”

Interview with Thompson on Dodgers Nation TV

This year, the Dodgers are still expected to be great, but there are many more unknowns. And many people think they’re going to finish second in the NL West to the Padres.

But it’s nice to hear Thompson make things clear, as he and everyone else have one goal this season, and that’s to bring a World Series to Los Angeles. This is the first year in a while that they are likely to be underdogs next to some other MLB powerhouses — but that may be exactly what they need to succeed.

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  1. Berlinger is gone because he couldn’t hit, I don’t think Thompson will make the cut. He just can’t hit. Taylor is a good utility defensive player but he’s the Dodgers strikes out king. I think he’ll be gone soon.

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