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Dodgers News: Trevor Bauer’s Suspension is Over, RHP is Reinstated

Big news out of baseball today, embattled Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer finally has a resolution regarding the appeal of his 324 game suspension. Today, an arbitrator decided to reduce the right-hander’s suspension down to 194 games, eliminating 130 games from the suspension.

With that, Bauer has officially been reinstated from the restricted list.

As ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez goes on to note on Twitter, Bauer is now eligible to pitch effective immediately. Alden continued in a Twitter thread.

Trevor Bauer hasn’t pitched since June 28th, 2021 after facing allegations of sexual assault. He was put on administrative leave and, since that time, the hurler has been entrenched in litigation while at the same time trying to get back into the league and pitch again.

Despite the LA District Attorney’s office declining to bring forward any charges against the pitcher, Major League Baseball suspended Bauer on April 30th, 2022 for an unprecedented 324 games for, in their words, violating the joint domestic violence and sexual assault policy. He immediately appealed the decision and has been fighting it since then.

Bauer and his representation have been steadfast in refuting all accusations.

The next big step for Bauer and the Dodgers is the case of whether the club would welcome back the 31-year-old. Early reports say that the club plans on releasing him but will still be on the hook for $32 million in salary this season (it may actually be closer to $22 million). Importantly, the organization will not be on the hook for any back pay from the 2022 season. Additionally, the arbiter docked Bauer’s pay for the first 50 games of the 2023 season (through May 23, 2023).

Major League Baseball released a statement on the independent arbitrator’s decision.

“Today, the neutral arbitrator selected by MLB and the MLBPA affirmed that Trevor Bauer violated Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy.

“After an exhaustive review of the available evidence the neutral arbitrator upheld an unpaid suspension of 194 games.  As part of the decision, the arbitrator reinstated Mr. Bauer effectively immediately, with a loss of pay covering the 144 games he was suspended during the 2022 season.  In addition, the arbitrator docked Bauer’s salary for the first 50 games of the 2023 season (i.e., the period covering March 30, 2023 to May 23, 2023).  While we believe a longer suspension was warranted, MLB will abide by the neutral arbitrator’s decision, which upholds baseball’s longest-ever active player suspension for sexual assault or domestic violence.

“We understand this process was difficult for the witnesses involved and we thank them for their participation.  Due to the collectively bargained confidentiality provisions of the joint program, we are unable to provide further details at this time.”

It’s important to focus on that first sentence in the statement, “the neutral arbitrator selected by MLB and the MLBPA affirmed that Trevor Bauer violated Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy”. So, the arbitrator agreed that Bauer should have been suspended, however, they did not agree with the length of the suspension.

The Dodgers have until January 6th, 2023 to make a decision to activate or release Bauer.

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  1. Since Bauer is already being paid they might as well put him as a starter because every sports player that have broken the law in one firm or the other always gets away with it so Bauer isn’t the only one but Rose just better on the sports & they ban him for life. Who says sports isn’t screwed up. And think Bauer should be picked since he fits Freidmans list of either disabled or a hasbeen so Freidman let him pitch since he will win more games then most of the losers you signed. But let me say i still say he should be banned for life but our great baseball gods say he can now pitch.

  2. This is great news. If we stupidly/holier than thou plan to release him, then I hope the Giants or Padres get him. Also, if you don’t like Bauer then you can’t like Urias or you’re a hypocrite.

    1. Julio Urias got away with domestic battery and the Dodger fans adore him as they will with Trevor Bauer as if he were Steve Garvey.

  3. Let him pitch. I’m sure he has learned some valuable able lessons. We are not rich in starting pitching and he is heady enough to work batters psychologically.

  4. WOW! MLB is ridiculously STUPID! From the article;

    “Despite the LA District Attorney’s office declining to bring forward any charges against the pitcher, Major League Baseball suspended Bauer on April 30th, 2022 for an unprecedented 324 games for, in their words, violating the joint domestic violence and sexual assault policy.

    So no charges filed against Bauer but he got suspended without pay.

    And the teams that cheated in the WS in 2017 and 2018 are allowed to get away with it.

    Maybe Bauer should file a lawsuit against MLB and try to get his backpay.

    I also wonder what Pete Rose thinks about all this….

  5. Been a die- hard Dodgers fan all my life and i’m 77. The team has won a lot of titles in my time and should have won more with any luck and good managing. The latest debacle was not signing any Astros players who were involved in cheating .This is not intelligent reasoning as it prevents us from signing any top tier free agents. Dodgers fans should be ashamed of themselves. In that series against the astros , our bats disappeared just like the did in the playoffs this year.

    Now that Trevor Bauer has been reinstated , fans are calling for his head and for the team to release him. Another non intelligent idea. We need pitching
    big time and Freidman is going to cut him . Do fans and management think that baseball players are all angels. Then being naive is what’s going to cost us more championship rings. Forget the past and let the best players play the game instead of signing 25 players on minor league contracts.

  6. Well I guess I’ll try again –

    The article states that the LA District Attorney’s office declined to bring forward any charges against Bauer – yet MLB suspended him anyway. No proof. No case. Big suspension.

    Yet the 2 teams that cheated during the WS in 2017 and 2018 were allowed to get away with it.

  7. Your already paying him, so play him because someone will pick him up and you’ll still have to pay him. Keep in mind, that his optics stink but, he was never indicted. If he pitches like originally anticipated the fans may never side with him, but they but they will be practical and go along with the decision. Question is, will the club house accept the decision?

  8. Let him pitch Dodgers. I don’t see the Dodgers releasing him so he can pitch for the Giants, Astros, Padres, Yankees, etc on their nickel. Trade Taylor to stay under the CBT.

  9. Nobody is picking up Trevor Bauer. He agreed to a 194-game suspension for violating the terms of his contract. No court case is needed, as people are suspended and even fired for violating company policy every day. Playing Major League Baseball isn’t a right, it’s a privilege. No one is denying Bauer an opportunity to make a living. There are plenty of jobs he can work outside MLB.

  10. If he is still under the Dodgers’ rights, can’t they trade for him? The Dodgers need to pay their share, and he’s available to pitch for them, why not trade him instead of outright releasing him.

  11. Does the $22 million put the Dodgers over the CBT threshold? It seems so. Can they get under it somehow?

  12. This was foreseeable. His suspension was reduced and we should play him if we are paying him. The decision was actually more aggressive than I thought by 50 games. Regardless, we need a starting pitcher and he has paid the price for his actions (the longest suspension ever handed down). The only issue is he is a PR nightmare. Advice to T.B.: get humble and stay that way. Play out your time with the Dodgers and prove you are worth another contract with some team!
    No, we are not over the CBT threshold and we may not be over it for the year he committed the offense because he has to pay back his admin leave compensation. Don’t know the math for that year without looking it up.

  13. He choked a person out with permission or not, makes Correa playing the trash can a model citizen.

  14. These are 2 different situations. NEVER condoning what this young man did permission or not. It’s about making better judgement/ choices. Picture yearnself in a terrible situation and folk like you… yes you made comments like this. When u are tryna plead your case. Posters like us should be encouraging folk to do better not tearing them down because they made a tragic mistake they regret. The makings of a man is when he takes responsiblity for his actions. This young man has absolutely nothing to prove to you or nobody else but, HIMSELF. We are all learning on the fly about life.

  15. So now we get to see just how full of it the dodgers are. If they don’t keep him they are liars because they said they weren’t signing anyone because what they have to pay him.

  16. Bring him back, he will still be a great asset to the pitching core, the team should welcome him back, he paid the price for all those allegations

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