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Dodgers News: Victor Gonzalez Activated From the IL, Mitch White Optioned

The Dodgers are making a few moves ahead of their bullpen game against the Mets tonight. With no scheduled starter, Dave Roberts revealed that they would be running out every arm available as needed tonight.

To prepare for that, the Dodgers are activating Victor Gonzalez off of the injured list. González was initially placed on the injured list with right knee inflammation back on August 6th. That move came just a few days after he got rocked in Los Angeles against the Astros and gave up a late homerun.

But Victor also hasn’t been quite right this whole season. His control has been particularly bad, walking over 5 batters per 9 innings pitched in 2021. That’s way off from his 2020 in which he walked just 2 batters in 20+ innings of work. 

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In order to make room for Gonzalez on the active roster, the Dodgers optioned Mitch White back to Triple-A. White tossed 7+ scoreless innings on Wednesday night and ensured that Los Angeles did not have to burn any arms out of the bullpen. 

White will likely join back up with the team for another spot start at some point in the near future. But if the Dodgers were able to solve the issue with Gonzalez and he gets his 2020 form back, that would be a difference-maker for the bullpen down the stretch. 

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  1. You have got to be kidding me. Victor Gonzalez has lost to many games this year. We saw what Mitch White can do. Victor, really. Who ever is making this decision has lost it. Sounds like Roberts. How to lose a baseball game by Dave Roberts. Keep pitchers who are throwing like s**t .Bench players for a spa day or two and F the line up. much much more.

  2. This is the DR reward system. If you’re really hot, you immediately get benched or sent down to the minors. Great incentive plan DR. Just when White got a huge confidence boost after a great game, DR pulls the rug out from under him.

    1. Sorry Snuffy, but your comment maybe the most stupid comment posted here – EVER! White is going to be a permanent part of the Dodger’s rotation for a long time to come. If you or anyone else posting here watches the MLB Channel, just read their bottom line for information. Teams are sending down and recalling players constantly. White will either play a large roll in bp games or as a spot starter. The Dodgers are well aware of what they have with this kid and he has a bright future. His pitch count must be monitored and that is exactly what the Dodgers are doing with him. Come playoff time he will be a very valuable asset to have by being able to provide long relief and giving the other arms a chance to rest.

  3. i don’t see any way this is more than a four or five day trip, then a return. that length is more valuable than a few batters’ worth of work every second or third day.

    well, i hope that’s the case.

    1. Agreed- he did his job & I’m sure
      ‘the next time’ they need a bullpen
      game, he’ll be given most of the innings.

  4. If you all here saw tonights game, ya saw Blake Treinen pitch the 9th inning in a save situation instead of Jansen and Blake struck out the side on only 13 pitches.. interesting. Could it be that Treinen will supplant Jansen as a closer for future save situations? Has Roberts seen the light?

  5. Finally situational hitting got into their game plan. McKinney coming up big again in a critical PH moment w/ everybody contributing to score runs. BP game was outstanding in each pitcher doing their job, but most of all Treinen shutting down the game w/ just 13 pitches and 3 KO’s! Tonight’s game was again a total team effort.

  6. What Mitch White did was good but at same time against a minor league team.hopefully he’ll be back

  7. Yes, ROBERTS DID IT AGAIN ! I CANNOT believe the front office would make a decision to send WHITE back down after a performance he just had , as …..Dodger106W said in other words , but so true …..when the player is hot , Robert’s, , takes the reigns and disciplines them it seems . He takes away the confidence instead of giving them a least another shot in majors to prove themselves but to just send WHITE down , so sad , Dammit !!! Send JANSEN DOWN make room on the roster by sending JANSEN where he should go.TREINEN just 13 pitches thrown ,Game over , Dodgers WIN ! JANSEN at least 13 minutes per inning ( at least ) in most cases . The DRAMA CLOSER (JANSEN ) who knows who will win at the end of night .SO FRUSTRATING continuing with Jansen .WAKE UP .


  9. Sending White down is only a roster move.
    However, I totally understand some fans’ upset because we have become used to players seemingly being penalized for doing their job to the best of their ability.
    This move, isn’t that though. It’s just a roster move and White will be right back. Right? Lol

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