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Dodgers News: Vin Scully Discusses No-Hitters And Future Plans

[new_royalslider id=”74″] Los Angeles Dodgers’ legendary broadcaster Vin Scully added another tally to an already impressive column this week when he called Clayton Kershaw’s no-hitter on Wednesday night.

For Scully, that was his 19th no-hitter that he’s called in his career and first by the Dodgers’ ace. While the ones in the beginning of his career came on radio, this last one Scully called was on television.

According to Bill Shaikin of the LA Times, the Hall of Fame broadcaster explained some of the differences between radio and television:

On radio, you’re trying to focus on the drama,” Scully said Saturday. “With television, there it is, for all to see. I don’t feel it’s that intimate. I’m the voice, but the picture is there.

“I’m certainly less emotional on TV than I would be on radio.”

Calling games on the television allows Scully to step back a bit in key moments and let the roar and emotions of the crowd take over. During the game on Wednesday, Scully went against the taboo of saying no-hitter on the air by saying that his job is “to give you information.”

A moment like the no-hitter could prompt a broadcaster to want to continue on the job, but the 86-year-old Scully won’t commit to next season quite yet. It does seem that he is leaning towards returning for a 66th season based on these words:

My health is good,” he said. “That’s the primary thing. Certainly, my enthusiasm is still there. I feel all the good things you are supposed to feel.

“I know one thing: Every adult male that I know — and they’re not fans, necessarily — they say, ‘Don’t retire.'”

Whatever his final decision may be, Scully knows he will always be welcomed and embraced by both Dodger and baseball fans alike.

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