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Dodgers News: Vin Scully Will Travel To Australia For Opening Series

Vin ScullyIt seems as if the Los Angeles Dodgers will head into the 2014 season with full force for their participation in Major League Baseball’s Opening Series 2014 at Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, Australia.

The Dodgers will take on the Arizona Diamondbacks in a two-game series that kicks off the season and a certain broadcaster will be there to call the games.

According to Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times, the Dodgers won’t be without their biggest star in the booth:

And he’s going to stay busy. Scully, who normally only makes road games to cities in the West, said he will broadcast the Dodgers’ two games in Sydney, Australia, to open the season March 22 against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Scully has limited his travel in recent years to games in California and Arizona, but he’ll be making the trek to the Southern Hemisphere and open the season with the team.

Here’s what Scully had to say about why he decided to head to Sydney via Dilbeck:

They asked me to go because they’re the first games to be broadcast by Time Warner, Scully said. So I said, `Sure, I’ll go.’

SportsNet LA is the new regional Dodgers’ channel that’ll be broadcasting all their games beginning in Spring Training. Their first chance for a regular season game comes in Australia and they made sure to have the iconic broadcaster on hand for the event. Scully will be entering his 65th season as the team’s broadcaster, hinting that he may retire at season’s end.

The 86-year-old has had a busy off-season serving as Grand Marshal at the Rose Parade, flipping the coin at the Rose Bowl Game and lending his trademark line to the NHL at the Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium. Scully will get some work in the spring as he is set to broadcast the first spring training games and four in total.

Dodger fans will be delighted to hear Scully and his many stories for the opening series in Sydney.


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