Dodgers News: What’s the Latest on the Trevor Bauer Situation

The situation involving Dodgers’ pitcher Trevor Bauer got updated once again on Wednesday. According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, Bauer’s administrative leave has been extended for close to two weeks through July 27. The 30-year-old is under investigation by Pasadena police for sexual assault allegations stemming from two separate encounters with a San Diego woman who says Bauer punched and choked her to unconsciousness, among other unsavory things.

In the video below, we react to the news and discuss what it means for the Dodgers moving forward.

Trevor Bauer Update: Leave Extended, Dodgers Teammates ‘Moving Forward’ Without Bauer

Bauer’s Dodgers teammates participating in the MLB All-Star game in Denver briefly commented on his status and situation. Those comments mostly painted the picture that this team plans on moving on without the right-hander.

Dodgers’ All-Star first baseman Max Muncy said, “I think we’re going to move forward with the guys we have. it’s tough. I don’t want to comment on his situation. We have a lot of depth. We can fill in with pieces.” We discuss Muncy’s along with the rest of the Dodgers’ comments on Trevor Bauer.

The team has distanced itself from Bauer, removing him from any promotions, canceling his bobblehead night, and eliminating Bauer branded merch from the team store.

What Comes Next?

With his administrative leave pushed to beyond his upcoming ex parte hearing on July 23rd, the league is allowing enough time for Bauer’s defense team to plead its side of the story. The hearing is to determine whether the ex parte temporary restraining order will remain in force.

The league and player’s union has now agreed to two separate extensions of Bauer’s paid administrative leave.

The Los Angeles Times has authored a running Q&A on the Bauer situation. In the article, Bill Shaikin opines that the hearing may not offer an immediate resolution to the case.

The hearing could be delayed to another day, or it might not finish in one day. Whenever the judge rules, according to Los Angeles family law attorney Chloe Wolman, there are two possible outcomes: the restraining order is kept in place, or it is lifted.

Either way, Wolman said, “That legal case is effectively over.”

The league and player’s union could agree to extend Bauer’s leave beyond the current July 27 date.

Can the Dodgers Void Bauer’s Contract?

As this sentiment has been asked often online, once again we borrow from Shaikin and the Times.

Bauer’s contract is not publicly available, so whatever particular grounds it might provide are unknown. However, the standard player contract allows a team to terminate the deal should the player “fail, refuse or neglect to conform his personal conduct to the standards of good citizenship and good sportsmanship.”

A move like that would almost immediately come with Bauer and his co-agents filing a grievance. The Dodgers could also opt to release the embattled pitcher who is still owed more than $80 million on the 3-year, $102 million deal he inked this past February.

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