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MLB News: Rob Manfred Not Worried About 2020 Playing a Role in CBA Negotiations

Baseball fans worried about the state of labor negotiations have every reason to be. With the way the 2020 MLB season went down, there seems to be little hope that the 2 sides will be able to peacefully come to terms with a collective bargaining agreement. 

MLB made it very clear that they weren’t going to pay players what they wanted to be paid. And the Player’s Union made it very clear that they weren’t going to play for less than what they were worth. The compromise was a very brief 60-game season that somehow made it through the pandemic. 

Despite all of that. Rob Manfred thinks that the past issues between the 2 sides will not play a role. The MLB commissioner spoke briefly about CBA negotiations this week at the All-Star Game and made sure to note that he thought past issues didn’t matter. 

I think we have a very professional working relationship with the MLBPA. Agreements get made or not made based on the substance of what’s out there. The fact we had a period of time, which we admittedly had last spring, where we had serious disagreements that became public I don’t think is really an indicator of whether you’re going to get a new agreement.

The chances that any past issues won’t play a role are extremely low. That’s what happens when one side loses the trust of the other, it’s only natural. And over the last few years, MLB has certainly lost the trust of its players. 

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He can say whatever he would like, but MLB fans know better by now. It could be a very long winter with baseball negotiations, and we can only hope and pray at this point that the 2022 season is able to start on time. 

Please figure it out, Rob. 

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  1. Maybe Manfred should be paid what he is actually worth? He would then be paying back his salary since he was anointed king. If he cared anything about the MLB he would resign immediately! Every decision he’s made has been stupid, dangerous or changing the way baseball has always been played. He’s done his best to shorten the game, even as the fans have paid more & more to watch a game!

    1. I concur and have pushed for Manfred’s removal. IMHO the worst Commissioner of all time and space. He stupidly made the DH conditional with a shortened, delayed start to the season this year with expanded PS. Going from a 60 game season back to 162 would already be tougher for everyone from one year to this year. If I’m the MLBPA I don’t play 1 inning in 2022 without a DH in BOTH leagues. All the managers and GM’s want this as well as the players. But there are other rules and issues that need to be addressed .would it shock me if indeed there was a work stoppage due to a sour relationship between the MLB and MLBPA? Not at all.

  2. Let me add here that I realize some folks here don’t want a DH at all. And if they can remove it from the AL in order for the playing rules to be equal for the first time in almost half a century, then I’m ok with that. The DH needs to be in BOTH leagues or not in either league.

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