Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig Says He’ll Do Bat Flips For Fan Satisfaction

Mark J. Terrill-AP Photo
Mark J. Terrill-AP Photo

When Yasiel Puig broke into the Majors with the Los Angeles Dodgers in June of 2013, he quickly became known for his exciting defensive plays and bat flips.

Although Puig previously mentioned he will no longer flip his bat after a home run, old habits die hard. While pitchers certainly don’t care for the bat flip, Puig said recently he plans to continue with it, via Micah Peters of USAtoday.com:

MP: So inquiring minds wanna know, why are you cutting down on the bat flips?

YP: Last year I had more pop than this year. Home Run [claps hands] POW! Bat flip. It’s a home run! This year? I swing, it’s not a home run. Why even bat flip? When I hit a big home run? I’ll Bat flip. It’s my game, the people like it. When you do the bat flip, everybody’s talking. When you don’t do the bat flip, everybody’s talking too [Laughs].

MP: I guess that’s really true.

YP: You see? I’m not doing the bat flip and now everybody’s doing the bat flip. [Laughs] I saw someone do a bat flip on a triple. A triple! That’s not a home run!

Although Puig has indicated he’s worried about disrespecting the game of baseball, he is not the only player to flip his bat after a home run, and the act has become more common among MLB player. Puig’s bat flip is part of his game and he will always been for that, much like what the hobbling fist pump is for Kirk Gibson.

While Puig is now willing to flip his bat after a home run, when that will take place is largely unknown. Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said Friday there isn’t a timetable for his return as he wasn’t able to jog without feeling tightness in his troublesome left hamstring.


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