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Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig Stays Behind as Team Heads to Colorado

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig did not travel with the club as they made their way to Colorado on Monday. The Dodgers head off to face the Rockies for a three-game series beginning on Tuesday.

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports News, reported that major-league sources said Puig abruptly left and “stormed off” shortly after he arrived to Dodger Stadium on Monday. Reports said he did that after he received word that he might possibly be traded or sent to the minors. However, it turns out that was not true.


Before releasing those tweets Rosenthal stated Puig’s agent corrected the report saying Puig was not at the Stadium on Monday.

Rosenthal later apologized, and Puig forgave him for the report.

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On the other hand, multiple reports state Puig did in fact not travel with the team to Colorado.

Puig was not traded before the trade deadline which was 4 p.m ET on Monday, however it is unclear what Puig’s future is with the Dodgers organization. Rosenthal reports a trade could still happen.

Ironically, despite rumors it seems Puig was not on track to be traded.

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Before the deadline, there had been speculations, but now that he is not traveling with the team, what does this mean? There are currently no updates on Puig’s whereabouts and Club officials declined to comment on the issue.

The Dodgers will face the Rockies for 3-games on the road, before returning to L.A. for a long home stand at Dodger Stadium.

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  1. I am super confused, was Puig at stadium and “stormed off” like Rosenthal reported? Did he just straight up lie to generate more clicks?

  2. deadfish90 It’s called “reading comprehension.” It was clearly stated in the 3rd paragraph that…

  3. This would happen if the media would concentrate on actual facts instead of just looking for anything negative. 
    Just about all we know about pro athletes personalities is what we read. So the media needs to be a little more responsible before slamming a dude.

  4. Wow!  From all-star and Savior to Doghouse to Out-house in three short years!!  What does it say when no club is interested in you as trade-bait!!!  Attitude and performance tells the tale here.  Have fun in the minors Yasiel!!!!

  5. FrankFazekas deadfish90 Lol, I posted that before the article was updated (update is when contents are changed after originally being posted btw)

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