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Stories By Scully: Walter Alston and How He Changed The Dodgers

A Los Angeles Dodgers game really isn’t complete without hearing a story from Vin Scully during an at bat. As the Dodgers return home to Dodger Stadium for 9 games fans are sure to have many stories arise, especially with the Boston Red Sox and David Ortiz being in town.

Going back to Sunday, before the Dodgers left to Colorado, Scully had an interesting story during the Arizona Diamondbacks game.

The topic of this story? Walter Alston.

Scully captivated listeners once again during Sundays game when he talked about legendary Dodgers Manager Walter Alston and his relationship with his team. While traveling with the Dodgers, Scully witness a moment when Alston changed the Dodgers forever, or so Scully says.

All of that Dodgers history during one at bat. One. at. bat.

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Scully’s story took us back to the mid 1950’s when Alston managed the Brooklyn Dodgers and basically told his team they need to play well or shut up. Good ol’ Vin always giving fans a deeper insight to the Dodgers.

Stories like these are what we will miss most about Scully as he is inching closer to the end of the season. He has such great knowledge about the organization and about well, pretty much everything else. With a 67 year career with the Dodgers under his belt, it’s no wonder he knows them inside out.

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According to Scully, after the bus incident, the Dodgers began to play exceptionally well and even won the World Series that year. I guess Alston really got his team into shape, huh?

Scully ended the story by thanking Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt for a 6-pitch at bat so he could tell us a story.

Thank you, Goldschmidt. Thank you.

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