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Dodgers News: Yasiel Puig Talks About Season Ahead

Outfielder Yasiel Puig was in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to take in a Caribbean Series game on Friday night, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t able to stop by an ESPN Deportes booth and discuss the upcoming season for himself and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Among the things that Puig talked about were the shape he was trying to get himself into before Spring Training, the season ahead in total, and his time with former Dodgers manager Don Mattingly. It was all very interesting.

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From Jesse Sanchez at

“I’m working hard every day so I can show up in good shape for Spring Training. I’ll still have a month and a half in Spring Training to get better and do what I have to do to be ready for the season,” Puig said in Spanish.

It’s great to hear that Puig is taking training this offseason very seriously, and all athletes should be the same way. Getting in proper shape could help keep you healthy, give you the best chance to succeed, and a whole host of other things. So, this is great news.

Puig then went on to talk about the changes the Dodgers made at the managerial position and his thoughts on it going forward:

“All I know is they changed the manager and we are hoping for good luck and God’s blessings to get back to playoffs for the fourth time in a row and win a World Series.”

Yasiel kept it classy, even at one point saying that Don Mattingly “did the best he could”, and that’s pretty decent of Puig to say no matter what people think of the situation.

The Dodgers open up training camp on February 19th when pitchers and catchers report. We’re only two weeks away!

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  2. I’m hopeful that Puig returns to his rookie enthusiasm and focus this year. But what  puzzles me is that after his rookie year he stopped hitting to right field. He would line balls right down the first base line. I was so impressed with that and also with his Cannon of an arm, that I thought of Roberto Clemente. Roberto hit the ball hard toward the middle of the Field. That is how he broke Bob Gibson’s leg with a vicious line drive. Did the batting coaches change his aproach, or did he want to impress and hit for power? One thing that I disproved of was making a steroid using power hitter a batting coach. Now Puig mostly pulls the ball. Give me a hitter that goes with the pitch and hits to all fields.

  3. Pitching is very good these days and the scouting and files kept on players show their every weakness. Offense is down because there has been more money and attention paid to HR hitters than actual contact guys that make the difference on your team. Some guy hits 2 HR’s late in the game off of a bad teams bad pitchers in a 12-2 blow out I do not care. Give me the guy that in a tight 1-1 game hits the pitchers pitch and goes with it down the line for a double and scores on a sacrifice and a fly ball for a 2-1 score to win the game. That is how you beat the ace pitchers and get to the WS and the Dodgers have not done that for years. Hopefully this is what Roberts will stress. Move the runner, go with the pitch get on base, take the extra base whenever possible. It used to be called the Dodger Way..

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