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Dodgers News: Zack Greinke Approves Of Clayton Kershaw’s Contract

Zack GreinkeLos Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Zack Greinke, who’s entering the second season of a six-year contract, worth approximately $147 million, gave his seal of approval on Clayton Kershaw’s recent mega-deal.  The reigning Cy Young Award winner signed a seven-year, $215 million contract back in January.

In an interview with Ken Gurnick of, Greinke expressed his belief that the contract Kershaw signed is beneficial for both parties:

It’s a good deal for him, but the club should benefit too.

Greinke went on state that if anyone has the slight edge in the contract it’s Kershaw, given that he can opt out after the fifth year of the deal, when he’ll still be 30-years-old and in position to sign another lucrative deal. By comparison, Greinke’s contract reportedly contains an opt-clause after the third year of the contract.  Greinke did state he believes Kershaw may have received slightly more than he expected, but only believes it to be “maybe a million a year more.”

Anchored by he and Kershaw, Greinke believes the Dodgers’ pitching staff is improved from last season and he has high expectations for 2014:

From what I’ve read, you guys don’t have as high expectations as I do.  We’re probably better than last year.  We’ve got seven guys, I’m not sure of the number, that would be top-tier pitchers on any team.

Greinke’s and Kershaw’s admiration for one another is well-documented and each is viewed as a tireless worker.  Their strive for perfection has led to a healthy competitiveness in which both pitchers often tried to one-up each other with one impressive performance after another in 2013.

A large portion of the Dodgers’ spending spree, $362 million to be exact, has been committed to the Cy Young Award winners under the expectation that they lead the pitching staff.  With two legitimate aces on the staff, Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly is afforded flexibility in how he chooses to structure his pitching rotation, which is particularly useful in playoff situations.

With pitchers and catchers reporting on Saturday and first pitch only six weeks away, Greinke and Kershaw have their sights set on taking the mound in Australia.


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