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Dodgers NLCS: Dustin May Gets the Ball With LA Facing Elimination

It was a rough night for the Dodgers on Thursday night in Arlington. Just one day after their offense put up 11 runs in the 1st inning, fans were hopeful that Los Angels could tie up the series. Instead, the bats went quiet and Atlanta came out swinging. 

The Dodgers dropped Game 4 in what turned out to be a bit of a blowout. The Braves put up 10 runs and Los Angeles was only able to scratch across 2 in an embarrassing loss. Now LA will need to win 3 straight games in order to keep their World Series hopes alive. All of that starts with Dustin May on the mound for them on Friday night. 

Dave Roberts made it official after the game and announced that May would get the start. It makes sense, given that he’s the only Dodgers starter that could pitch off of reasonable rest. He pitched 1.2 innings on Monday, giving up just 1 hit and allowing 1 walk. May struck out 2 Braves hitters to add to his already impressive postseason run. 

Through the 2020 playoffs, May has arguably been one of the biggest comments of the Dodgers pitching staff. He has compiled 4.2 innings of work and has yet to be charged with a run. Funny enough, Los Angeles has been prepping him for starts that they just never got to. May was supposed to make a start in the NLDS before they swept San Diego in 2 games. 

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  1. It’s very easy to criticize Roberts for his pitching decisions, or Kershaw for giving up too many runs, or the position players for leaving their bats at home. It’s also easy to praise all of the above when things go their way, as they did most of the time during the season. Baseball is both a physical and mental activity. Momentum is critical. If batters are missing the baseball, Roberts can’t provide them with momentum. It’s really up to the position players to show up and play. The difference between a pitcher getting a player out or giving up a hit is usually a placement of an inch, or the batter guessing correctly. When a team has momentum, batters seem to see the ball better. The Dodgers have shown up to play and they can do so again. Winning 3 in a row is typical for them. They just need to play their best and hope that things go their way.

    1. I agree with your comment with one exception; Roberts can’t provide momentum but he can kill it. Game to game lineup changes, predetermined pitch counts, and an unsettled pitching order does support momentum.

    1. It ‘aint over until it’s over (no matter how challenging and unlikely.) I will maintain hope for a Dodgers and Rays matchup at the World Series until that hope ends because of impossibility. If we lose today or tomorrow or Sunday, I hope to see the Rays, not the Astros, in the World Series against the Braves. Ironically, the same Astros that you believe will make it to the World Series (and they might) were down 3-0 only a few short days ago; and, many believed that their post season was over.

  2. Houston and Atlanta I would rather watch the weather channel, it would be more exciting. The CHEATERS versus Atlanta Chanters…..AH AH AH… AH AH AH….BORING ! BORING!…. BORING ! ….If Those 2 teams get in the SERIES …..Nodrog 60 just want you to know your in Dodger Land . The Dodgers will make a comeback !!!

  3. As Old Yogi Berra once said “It ain’t over till it’s over” Disappointing, Yes, lets hope they can get it done, they deserve it.

  4. Not AGAIN!!!!! I’m friggin’ tired of this year after year. Giving up on Dodger pitching, managing, hitting when it counts and pretty little Hollywood prima donnas. Good Bye Dodgers! No more MLBExtra Innings, no more getting shut out of local games because of greedy cable companies! Goodbye suckers.

    1. Did I miss something? We won last night; so, I am not understanding the feelings. Maybe this was sent in haste before we opened the game up a bit. Anyways, for those of us who still want to believe (yes, even against whatever odds and with whatever reservation), 1 elimination game at a time, boys. Lets see if we can do it again this afternoon. Go Dodgers!!!

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