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Dodgers NLCS: Los Angeles Drops Game 4, Faces Elimination Friday

The Dodgers and Braves were back in action Thursday night in Game 4 of the NLCS. Fresh off of a huge win, Los Angeles was looking at the possibility of tying the series behind their longtime ace. Clayton Kershaw got the ball for them going up against rookie Bryse Wilson.

The Rookie Outlast Kershaw

Everything that could go wrong for the Dodgers did go wrong. Not only did Clayton Kershaw end up getting tagged near the end of his outing, but they also could not produce anything against the rookie. Wilson pitched 6 innings and allowed just 1 run on a solo shot by Edwin Rios.  

The Braves broke through against the Dodgers in the 6th inning when they poured on 6 runs and knocked Kershaw out of the game. Los Angeles ended up using 3 different pitchers that inning after Bursdar Graterol also got touched up a little but. Kershaw ended up allowing 4 earned runs while striking out 4 Braves batters. 

Dodgers Offense Goes Silent

Just one day after their bats exploded for 11 runs in the 1st inning, the Dodgers bats went dead. Edwin Rios hit his solo shot in the 3rd, but there wasn’t much more happening than that. They managed to push across just 3 hits the entire game to along with 4 walks. 

Looking Ahead

The Dodgers will now face a potential elimination game tomorrow in Game 5. As of right now, neither team has made an official announcement on who will be starting in that game. The Braves could be going with Max Fried on short rest to try and lock things down, or they could go with another bullpen game. Los Angeles is likely to go with Dustin May to keep their World Series hopes alive.

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  1. Our bullpen has been great all year this was just one of those nights. Cue the broken record sound bite.

    Kershaw also cemented his post season reputation tonite.

    All that being said it’s not over yet, but the Dodger offense has to be able to overcome the pitching staff woes for three straight games now.

  2. Speaking of Mookie Betts, What is it about putting on a Dodger uniform that makes a player forget how to hit in October?

    1. Tim, it’s over by this time tomorrow. The pressure is too much now and I mentioned that after the 3rd inning last night the Dodgrrs were then stopped dead in their tracks offensively. And they simply picked where they left off beginning in last night’s 4th ining. I also correctly predicted that besides the inept offense we have seen for most of this series once again the starting and relief pitcing FAILED as they usually do in October to keep the ball in the yard. And these 2 things I talked about here will be sending Dodgers home by this time after Friday’s game.


    3. Tim, Betts is not alone when it comes to forgetting how to hit in October. The starting and relief pitching continue to have difficulties in October as well. And these issues are the main reason for what has taken place in the past 8 Octobers, leaving the team void of a WS ring.

    4. Aren’t these long term contracts great! Now we’re stuck with 400 million and maybe he’s hitting his weight. 143 BA. Pathetic

  3. Dodgers either find a way to win on Friday or be sent home. How badly do zdodgers want to be playing on Saturday? We will find out but a very discouraging loss tonight. Pitching failed and the hitting for all intents and purposes actually stopped after last night’s 3rd inning.

  4. Better hope the Astros don’t come back and win because they’ll win the whole thing if that happens Mark my words

  5. Kind of a broken record at this point. Kershaw is not a big game pitcher. The offense forgets how to hit at some point every postseason. The bullpen melts down. Every year the pressure gets more. Every year the Dodgers succumb to it. They’ll probably come out banging tomorrow and make it 3-2. But then they’ll go quietly on Saturday. And 2020 will be over.

    1. Sad but true. CK is not alkne, ss the pitching over sll has not been there. We will find out soon enough if Dodgers want to be actuslly playing a game on Saturdsy or not.

  6. In the 36 total innings played so far in this NLCS, in only 3 total innings did the hitters ever really show up, a very inconsistent trend. Over all pitching just really has not been able to slow this very good Braves offense down enough for Dodgers to have a chance of getting back into this series. Honestly, being down 3 games to 1 does note bode well for reaching the Fall Classic this year. IDK but the month of October continues to haunt this team and not sure of any fixes for this issue will be coming any time soon.

  7. I understand there’s what like a 17% chance of winning still, positive thinking blah blah. Thinking as a realist, this team is not poised to win 3 in a row after scoring 1 run in 15 innings, followed by a ridiculously hot 6 inning streak of 22 runs, then back to 15 innings with 2 runs. 22 runs only came up with 1 win, so why should we now believe they can consistently score enough over the next 3? I don’t see any possibility of Wright starting again, and it was the other starters that kept them to an anorexic batting average. Good luck Dodgers, but I need a night off tomorrow

  8. Same old show. A HOF pitcher who can’t get it done under the bright lights. And now we’re stuck with a $400 million dollar man who can’t get it done either. What a sh.. show.

  9. Another bad October decision by Dave ROBERTS. He did it last year keeping Kershaw on for another innings against Washington and was smashed for 2 home runs.

    He clearly wasn’t right last night, BUT had kept the Dodgers in the game even through the offense went missing, trying to hit home runs every couple of pitches instead of getting the rookies pitch count up early

    Althrough Roberts is a good manager and clearly liked by the Dodgers organisation, he can’t manage them in October and keeps making poor decisions that continue to cost them the World Series.

    This tend will continue until a stronger manager comes in and makes those tough choices

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