Dodgers NLDS Game 2 News: Tommy Lasorda Calls Out Craig Sager

With the Dodgers in Atlanta looking to take a 2-0 series lead over the Braves, Dodger legend and baseball ambassador Tommy Lasorda took time to speak with Craig Sager on TBS and gave his thoughts on the Dodgers dramatic turnaround. When asked, Lasorda responded, “We brought up in the outfield Puig and he just inspired everybody”.

However, Sager incorrectly misspoke by saying that he’s been with the Dodger organization for 53 years and Lasorda quickly fired back, “63 years”. Lasorda has been with the Dodgers organization for 20 as a manger, winning the World Series two times in four tries.

The entire Dodgers ownership group including Stan Kasten, Mark Walter and Magic Johnson all made the trip as Lasorda was the first to interview on TBS.

Here’s the video of Tommy calling out Sager:

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  1. Tommy dropping an F-bomb into the mic at home plate at the beginning of the Old Timer’s Game this year was absolutely priceless. Billy Crystal: “Wow, talk about ‘Dodger Blue’!” 🙂

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