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Dodgers: Nomar and Jerry Hairston Attack MLB For the Joe Kelly Suspension

One of the best parts of the Astros series has been seeing the analysts going off. The Dodgers’ Nomar Garciaparra and Jerry Hairston did just that in the wake of the Joe Kelly suspension.

On SportsNet LA ahead of Wednesday’s game, the two analysts absolutely went off on MLB. The two formers Dodgers could not believe that Kelly had received such a ridiculous punishment for his part in Tuesday’s incident. 

I couldn’t really tell you which guy was angrier, but Jerry Hairston really went off on the league. The former Dodgers utilityman attacked the punishment of the Astros for their cheating scandal in comparison to Kelly’s punishment.

The players got immunity for it. They didn’t get suspended one game, and Joe Kelly has a ball get away from him, doesn’t even hit anybody, and he gets suspended the equivalent, in a 60-game season to 22 games in a 162 game season. That is a joke, a flat out travesty. I cannot believe the state of our game right now. It’s unbelievable. 

Hairston certainly isn’t alone in that sentiment. Dodgers fans and baseball fans all around the country took to social media to voice their displeasure with the sort of double standard set by the league. The fact the Kelly didn’t even hit Bregman only makes it worse. 

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts served his suspension on Wednesday night, but Kelly has decided to appeal his 8 games. He is available to play until the league can make a decision on that appeal. 

Next Up for the Dodgers

The Dodgers will head to Arizona for a four-game series with the Diamondbacks. After that, they travel down to San Diego before heading back home again. 

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  1. The MLB has got to be kidding..Your suspending Joe Kelly for 8 games!!!! And when you DID NOTHING to PUNISH THE CHEATING ASTROS for their part in the BIGGEST CHEATING SCANDAL in baseball history!! Manfred your are a POOR EXCUSE as a Baseball Commissioner…Why did YOU protect the CHEATERS like you DID???? You cant answer that question CAN YOU? The SOONER you RESIGN the better!!!!

  2. Manfred needs to be fired. He’s got to be the worst commissioner ever. That suspension is a total insult and slap in the face not only to Joe Kelly but the entire Dodger team! As if the total lack of punishment for the astros blatant proven cheating wasn’t enough now this! This is a total outrage. We need to lobby for a new commissioner that actually understands and appreciates the game of baseball and its history and traditions. Manfred is clueless!

  3. Manfred Is A Joke And Should Either Resign Or Be Fired, His Total Inability To Properly Handle And Punish Such An Egregious Act As Cheating In The Fall Classic Is Inexcusible. Then To Make Matters Worse Handing Out Such A Ridiculous Punishment When No Player Was Even Hit By The Pitch Is Simply Stupid. Also Any Animosity That Exists Between The Dodgers Toward The Astros Is Not Only Completely Understandable When You Consider The Circumstances Is Also Manfreds Fault For Failing To Do His Job And Protect The Integrity Of The Game. He Has To Go.

  4. The Dodgers should have started a minor leaguer and told him to leave his bags packed because he would only be throwing one pitch.

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