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Dodgers: One Wild Walker Buehler Stat That No One Thinks About

Walker Buehler has plenty of statistics that many other hurlers are likely envious of. Buehler has a career ERA of 2.90. He ranks fourth in ERA amongst all starters (2.75) since joining the Dodgers rotation full-time in 2018. During the Dodgers 2020 championship run, Walker posted a 1.80 ERA in five playoff starts.

There is however one Buehler stat that is often overlooked in this sabremetric driven era of baseball.

Walker Buehler has lost only 12 of his 94 career regular season starts.

In fact, Buehtane’s 12 losses since 2018 are the fewest among all qualified starting pitchers. He’s only logged more than one loss against three teams: the Cincinnati Reds, the Colorado Rockies, and the Chicago Cubs.

Now, wins and losses also show the quality, or lack thereof, of the offense of a starter’s team. The Dodgers rank second in runs scored during Buehler’s career.

But however you want to slice it, Buehler is one of the best starters in the MLB. His 14.4 WAR (2018-2021) is the seventh most in baseball among starting pitchers.

He’s just as good, if not better, in the playoffs.

Playoff Buehler

Buehler has become the Dodgers playoff ace. Manager Dave Roberts has given Walker the ball in five Game 1’s in his Dodgers career. Walker has rewarded Roberts with a 2.49 ERA in those five series openers.

The 27-year-old is a dynamo regardless of what month it is.

Whenever Walker takes the mound, there’s a good chance the Dodgers are taking home a W.

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