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Dodgers: Orel Hershiser Reflects on the Life and Legacy of Tommy Lasorda

It’s hard to think about Orel Hershiser without also thinking about Tommy Lasorda. Orel played under Tommy from 1983 when he made his big league debut with the Dodgers, all the way up until the 1994 strike shut down baseball. Soon after that, Hershiser signed a free-agent deal to play in Cleveland. 

But those first 12 seasons spent with the Dodgers were all under the management of Lasorda. That includes the 1988 season when Hershiser put up one of the greatest seasons in franchise history and an even better postseason performance. 

With the passing of Lasorda on Thursday evening, Hershiser was the first call for many tv programs and sportswriters alike. After all, the relationship between Orel and Tommy was like very few that we get to see between player and coach. The Dodgers great put out a statement of his own Friday afternoon to pay tribute to his beloved skipper. 

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Lasorda was the source of the nickname Bulldog, given to Hersh by Tommy himself. That nickname is one that Orel admits he didn’t love at first but explains in his tribute how he grew to love it. Listen in as Hershiser talk about his favorite Dodges manager, and what he meant to him in his career and in his life. 

Tommy passed away from an apparent heart attack just days after being released from the hospital.

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