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Dodgers Organist Trolls Former Astro Josh Reddick All Night at the Ravine

Dodgers fans had to be excited to hear the news that Josh Reddick was getting called up to the Diamondbacks big league squad. Just hours before game time, it was announced that the former Astro would be getting the start in Los Angeles. 

And boy, did Dodgers fans let him have it. Throughout the entire game, fans in the outfield rained boo’s down on him as well as constant chants of “cheater” echoing through the stadium when he came to bat. 

But Dodgers fans weren’t the only ones giving Reddick a hard time. Organist Dieter Ruehle also got in a few jabs, playing songs like “I Saw the Sign” and “Bangin’ on a Trash Can” from a popular Nickelodeon show. 

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This is obviously in reference to the Astros cheating scandal that won the Astros a World Series in 2017. Dodgers fans have every reason to be disgusted with any player associated with that team, but it makes it worse since it’s Reddick. 

A former Dodgers player, Reddick went out of his way to gloat to fans in Lo Angels. He was seen wearing shirts that said “We Beat LA” and his wife was particularly vocal to fans in LA. Funny for a guy that hit .167 in the 2017 World Series. 

The trolling also must have worked on Thursday night, as Reddick went hitless in 4 at-bats and struck out twice. 

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  1. shouldn’t we be booing the commissioner of baseball and the owners for not adjusting the record for the steel that occurred and righting the wrong?

  2. Manfred will probably fine the Dodger organist instead. He has a strange set of priorities.

  3. What I won’t forget is Reddick smugly disrespecting the Dodgers when the Astros “won” the World Series. Nothing was sweeter than to see his arrogance completely dissipate when the cheating was uncovered.

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