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Dodgers Outfield Picture, Retiring 34, Alex Cora is a Cheater and More | Blue Heaven Podcast

The Dodgers had a busy weekend as FanFest was held at Dodger Stadium! We talk about our experience at the event and touch on some of our interviews with players and interesting things said by stars like Freddie Freeman, Julio Urias, and manager Dave Roberts.

The biggest news out of FanFest involved number 34. We react to the announcement of Fernando Valenzuela getting his number retired! Will there be more numbers retired? We discuss that and dive into Dave Robert’s comments about the outfield and what it’ll look like for 2023.


Over the weekend, Miguel Rojas signed an extension with the team, leading us to have a conversation about what it means for the team and why they gave Rojas an extension. We discuss the impact he can have on younger players like Miguel Vargas. Plus what Rojas’s role will have this upcoming season.

Finally, some commentary surrounding former Astros coach Alex Cora made waves late last week. The revelation that he bragged about the sign-stealing scandal in 2017 — the one that ultimately lead to the Dodgers losing the World Series that year to Houston — came out and elicited some reactions online. We dive in and Doug preaches.



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  1. It’s funny I saw a video with Alex Cora a while back on YouTube I think…He was showing his life in Puerto Rico…and he really looked like a great guy…It doesn’t fit at all with the cheating he did!!!

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