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Dodgers: Parking Prices Go Up Once Again At Dodger Stadium

We all know that getting out to a Dodgers game isn’t exactly the cheapest option, especially for a family outing. With costs rising over the years, fans have had to be very picky about which games they want to get out to. But this year will feature another slightly added cost to things. 

Last season, Dodgers fans could purchase parking ahead of time for $20 on the team website. That price appears to have jumped up again this year with fans having to dish out an extra $5 to pay in advance. No word yet on how much parking will be in person, which is always higher. 

That’s sort of been a theme over the years for the Dodgers as parking continues to rise. Fans looking to get out to a game do have some options though. The team encourages public transportation and the use of the stadium express. 

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The express is free for all Dodgers ticket holders in 2022. The express comes from both Union Station as well as the South Bay. Throughout Los Angeles County, there are six rail lines that connect to the express. So while parking prices continue to rise, there are options for fans looking to get to a game and not spend a ton of money. 

The Gold Line Metro rail also stops at the intersection of Alameda Street and College Street, just under a mile walk to the stadium gates. Dodgers fans can also utilize the bike racks at the stadium, though that option isn’t often taken advantage of. 

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  1. Surprise! Surprise! NOT!! Of course parking prices go up, even the top deck seats, I’m sure will go up. Thanks to the F.F. signing, ALL prices will go up, to help pay for his salary. Said it before and say it again, Stan Kasten and CO are not nice guys, they all got in this business to make a nice healthy buck or two.

  2. Joke is on the fan, again.
    The damn stadium has been there for sixty years.
    NOTHING has changed.
    The same number of seats, the same number of parking spaces. The same entrance and exits.
    NOTHING has changed, BUT the Deep Pockets of the New Owners of this greedy game Called Baseball.
    I’ll let you FOOLS pay for it.

  3. a mile walk from alameda & college yes but that mule is all up hill with the elevation of a mountain hike. No Thanks

  4. I left a comment I guess you didn’t want to hear. Keep making it harder on families & maybe they will stop going !!

  5. YEAH!! And with ALL that money they make on parking why don’t they FIX THE PARKING LOT!!!

  6. I used to attend 20 – 30 games a season Easley but around 2016 with prices going up I attended only 14 games in 2017 and of course I attended the WS game #1 after that I’ve been to 11 games since….I just can’t afford to attend anymore I’m on a fixed income and with the prices of food there it’s just way to expensive…it doesn’t surprise me McCourt would rise price of parking !! He didn’t care about the LA fans anyway. Battery’s are cheeper, I’ll be listening to the radio. I’ve been Priced OUT !!

    1. This is what happens when you have a team president moonlighting a GM. A GM who makes impulsive, all in FA signings (Trevor Bauer), or just plain stupid ones (Betts) that will have long-term negative effects for this team. Andrew Friedman is an idiot, period.

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