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Dodgers: Paul Lo Duca Talks About Hollywood Lifestyle of Playing in Los Angeles

Obviously since Anthony Rendon opted to sign with the Los Angeles Angels, the term ‘Hollywood Lifestyle’ has taken on new life as it pertains to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Now, we have a first-hand testimony as to what this is like. Many of us will never experience what it’s like to play baseball in a city like Los Angeles. Thankfully, someone who has is on-hand to do just that. Recently, former Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Paul Lo Duca joined Barstool Radio to talk about the subject. You can see the two-minute clip below.

As always, let’s comb through the highlights.

Notably, Lo Duca says that playing in front of a celebrity crowd was something he really embraced. Still, he mentions that leaving the stadium was a headache for players.

“For us to even get out of the parking lot, we had to get police escorted out of the stadium. It would take us 15 to 20 minutes to get out of the stadium. That was always the issue. But I loved playing in LA – the people there – and you get to meet so many celebrities. Snoop Dogg would come with his diamond LA Dodgers’ jersey, Pat Sajack was behind home-plate every night. Mary Hart behind home-plate every night. They’re just die-hard Dodger fans. Scott Boras – super agent – goes to Dodger games every night. he’s just a big baseball fan.”

Then as a sidebar, Lo Duca mentions that Alan Thicke attends a ton of games. However, Thicke passed away in 2016.

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Next, in true Lo Duca fashion; he tells a funny story about Hugh Hefner in the diamond seats. From there he mentions many more celebrity encounters due to his playing days with the Dodgers.

Without question, this is an example of a player who was a perfect personality fit for the Hollywood Lifestyle. However, not all players are created the same. And in the end, Rendon did not want these same amenities that come along with Dodgers baseball.

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  1. Hollywood is part of the LA scene of some celebrities that are fans that’s a given. But to say it’s about the Hollywood life style is false. LA is a melting pot of Ethnicity and Culture the rich, middle and poor we have it all here in LA.
    The beloved loyal fans are real we pack the stadium every year and hold the record in MLB attendance since 2013 to 2019.

    1. So real they leave in the 7th during a playoff game like it’s June against the Padres and had to be told on Twitter by one of the players during the 2018 nlcs that they need to make some noise

  2. Boras goes to every Dodger game, but the Dodgers can never sign a fee agent he represents?

  3. “Hollywood Lifestyle” was a nice way of saying he does not want to play here. Something odd is going on here with the Dodgers. I’m beginning to think they can’t get an elite player because elite players might not want to play here. You know that really pretty girl you knew, that never got married and you wondered how that never happened? The reason is, she had real big issues that no one wanted to deal with. It wasn’t that she was very discriminating. Well, I’m starting to think the same about the Dodgers. I think players are sensing something unhealthy. Not a good feeling.

    1. Spot on and it’s not anything to do with the group of players they’ve got good chemistry and are good people, it’s the way the team is run that is turning people away

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