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Dodgers: Personality Calls for Dave Roberts’ Job Following NLDS Collapse

The Dodgers had a target on their back since the beginning of the season after Dave Roberts guaranteed a World Series championship. The confidence felt rightly justified after the team put together such a stacked roster in all facets and ended the regular season with the best record in baseball.

Fast forward into reality and we find the Dodgers out of the postseason with an early exit against the Padres. The hype surrounding the team automatically gets crushed as the team went through a carousel of pitchers and the starting lineup didn’t show up for three games in a row.

In what looked to be one of the most stacked rosters in the history of the Dodgers franchise, the team suffers a huge blow and instead, becomes one of the most disappointing over night. So, who’s to blame for all this? 

TV personality Chris Brockman was quick to point the finger at Roberts and even believes his coaching job should be in jeopardy after such a promise and collapse (via The Rich Eisen Show).

“The Dodgers are supposed to win the World Series and go dominate everyone and they absolutely choked harder than we’ve seen a baseball team do in a very long time. Usually that gets people fired…..When you’re supposed to win the World Series and tell everyone in the free world you’re going to in March, you lose your job if you lose in the first round.”

The frustration makes sense after what looked to be such a promising season. Roberts couldn’t keep to his promise and his job should be in jeopardy, but it was made very clear that Roberts will not be going anywhere else anytime soon.

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  1. Even withouit the prediction, his inability to manage a pitching staff in EVERY post season warrants a change. I do not konw why there is any discussion. Get Joe Maddon or Mike Scoscia, or even Mike Matheny. They wouldn’t take out a guy who is two-hitting the opposition through 5 innings and dealing. Every stinking year. Dave must go.

    1. Right on Michael. It’s the same act every postseason, pitching blunders. Doesn’t Pryor have any input? Extension means nothing but 3 more years of misery.

  2. Roberts failed to keep his, arrogant, commitment. It’s time to hire Bruce Bochy. Sign Aaron Judge, re-sign Kenly Jansen, let Gallo retire.

    1. Maddon, Scoscia, Matheny would work and know pitchers because they were catchers and have a strong track record. Roberts way over his head in the playoffs…every year.

  3. As a loyal Dodger fan blame the players is my view. Watching the games as a former player and pitcher I noticed most were swinging for the fences. Easily verified by the high strikeout numbers. Trying to be the hero playing big ball only is not the way facing many better pitchers than regular season games. Last season I was in agreement for Dave’s release but I feel he’s our best chance now. His loyalty to .150+ hitter’s Bellinger, Muncy, Taylor, Gallo was his demise. These guys are on my trade chopping block soon. Pitching, Kershaws back will never be 100%, others have wore out or permanently damaged arms and need to be gone. Dave Stewart, Bob Welsh, Ramon Martinez, Pedro Martinez, we’re all released by the Dodgers and went on to become major players. The Dodgers farm system in 2022 is strong and given a chance will bring our pitching staff back to dominate.

    1. Obviously we can blame the players as they’re the ones doing the work… or not. Swinging for the fences has been a pet peeve for years but they still do it. A good manager will put a stop to that and Robert’s ain’t it.
      His biggest weakness is his crap pitcher management. I was livid when he pulled (Anderson I think) after 5 innings of throwing aspirin. Why!!??. It’s the playoffs, you have to win!!
      The .100 average players in the lineup was really discouraging too.
      The one constant since Roberts took over in the playoffs has been… Roberts. 2020 to me was sort of a quasi World Series.

    2. Stewart, Welch and Pedro Martinez were not released by the Dodgers, they were traded. The Welch trade netted them a starting shortstop and a closer instrumental in winning the 1988 World Series. Ramon Martinez left as a FA and was pretty much done. His best years were as a Dodger.

  4. I have been a dedicated East Coast Dodger fan for 72 years (circa 1950), and when they trained in Vero Beach, I saw them play every spring. The only year I have missed spring training in the past 45 years, was because Covid cancelled it. I consider myself a deeply loyal Dodger fan, through the good times and the worst. No one was more upset than me last Saturday with their premature exit from the post-season. But to put all of the blame on one man’s shoulders is just absurd. This was a collective, across-the-board team collapse, caused by non-productive at bats, untimely fielding lapses, an over-reliance on relief pitching rather than on starters who can pitch deeper into games, and a fanatical devotion to analytics. Dave Roberts should be fired only when Andrew Friedman and all of the MBAs who are ruining the game of baseball are. Roberts could only play the hand he was dealt, which calls into question some of the poor performers on the roster Friedman and company assembled. So, while licking our wounds, let’s remember the wonderful regular season that our team had. It could have been a lot worse ( for reference, compare the Angels, Giants, RedSox, etc. for what a bad season looked like.) And also remember, the other two NL teams that won 100+ games also departed the post-season ignominiously.

  5. I don’t blame Roberts. His players just didn’t perform. I blame these guys (along with their post season batting avg):
    Chris Taylor .000
    Mookie Betts .143
    Cody Belanger .143
    Justin Turner .154
    Trayce Thompson .154
    Will Smith .188

    1. Hard to argue with this assessment. I am also disappointed with how the post season roster was constructed. We needed another lefty reliever and for me that would have been Furguson. We had May and Gonsolin on there when including either was little more than wishful thinking.Vargas and Gallo were on there but not used.
      Hope is not a strategy, we need realistic, open minded decisions..not “maybe it will work out” choices. The Dodgers tend to operate in a not in touch with reality in the post season. Taylor wasn’t healthy, Thompson or Gallo should have been in left field with Bellinger in CF with the proviso that he should have been threatened with a 2 x 4 if he swung at a high fastball out of the zone. J. Turner can’t catch up to a fastball over 92 mph. These are things the brain trust should have known.
      Letting Ha Seong Kim beat you is absolutely ridiculous! He can’t hit a properly located fastball. Worst execution I’ve seen by a Dodger’s team in history.

  6. For all you people who want him fired are foaming at the mouth for something that is not going to happen. The team did not hit. The team did not hit. The team did not hit. The team did not hit. If you noticed Roberts did not bat.

  7. And replace him with who now?

    Blame is cheap and easy. And in case you’ve forgotten, the Mets and Braves also flamed out this postseason.

    1. I have to give Dave Roberts for leading the team that won 111 games this season. We all thought the Dodgers would go farther. Sure, we’re all disappointed, but not as much as our guys are. Go Blue.

  8. Next year will be the same scenerio, except Pads will win the Division. Foolishness is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results. Changes needed.

  9. Dave has proven he cannot manage a pitching staff in the post season. His decisions have led to at least two missed World Series’. This year may have been the worst…his taking Anderson out with a two-hit shutout after five innings is criminal. He would be a great bench coach.

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