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Dodgers Pitcher Andre Jackson Becomes the First in MLB History to Accomplish This Strange Feat

It’s always special to see a player get their first shot in the big leagues. Regardless of what team, you can’t help but root for them a little bit. Thankfully, Dodgers fans got to root for one of their own in Andre Jackson on Monday. 

Jackson was forced into Major League duty a little early given the condition of the Dodgers starting staff. Just recently promoted up to Triple-A, Jackson made the jump to the big leagues and appeared in the game on Monday night. He did not disappoint. 

The Dodgers number 22 prospect tossed 4 scoreless innings and punched out 5 batters to keep them in the game. Jackson also allowed 2 hits and issued 4 walks, clearly having some trouble with command in his first big league appearance. 

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Funny enough, Jackson’s 4 walks led to him becoming the first pitcher in the modern era to strike out 5, walk 4, and not allow a run in a relief appearance. That comes courtesy of Stats and makes for a pretty odd record for the Dodgers pitcher to hold. 

But regardless, Jackson‘s name is in the record books! Congrats to the young hurler, and here’s to many more record-setting performances! 

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  1. These oddity of data crunching by fast computers are not ‘records’.

    If I farted 3 times between 5:15 and 6:03 Tueday, while I took 23 sips of coffee, and THEN didn’t fart again until exactly 9:03:02

    Is that a ‘record’?

  2. I have recalled all my records. This young man did a outstanding job. I am certain he will be a asset to the LA Dodgers.

  3. Jackson was all over the yard, debut jitters aside. But for some generous strike calls & Pirate swings & misses, he could have walked 7 or 8. Love to see new talent come up & show their stuff, but he’s gonna have to be a LOT tighter to have any positive impact with the big club.

  4. Whenever a Dodger pitcher shuts out the opposition, I just call it good. When it’s rookie, making his debut, and he does it for 4 innings, I call it great. Don’t need to find any record in there.

  5. Is that assuming it’s the pitcher’s major league debut?

    The article states:
    Jackson’s 4 walks led to him becoming the first pitcher in the modern era to strike out 5, walk 4, and not allow a run in a relief appearance.

    I find it hard to believe that’s never been done in the modern era.

  6. Dave Roberts was/is a terrible hire. Dave Roberts had no managers experience with his hired by the best franchise in baseball. He merely served as a bench coach for the Padres for a few years, when the vacancy became available for San Diego he did not get the job. I wonder why? Dave Roberts has proven to be a great manager when the Dodgers scored 10 runs or more but a terrible manager when the game is close. I believe that’s what this article is also saying.This article points out numerous horrible decisions that he has made. I support removing him and hire Mike Scioscia.

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