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Dodgers News: Gavin Lux Gets the Start at a New Position Tonight

The Dodgers are getting Gavin Lux back into the mix of things this week. Coming off of a length injured list stint for a hamstring injury, Lux returns to a whole new lineup. He also returns to a roster that does not have much room for him starting on a daily basis. 

When the Dodgers acquired Trea Turner in a deal with the Nationals, they knew that Lux’s role was going to change. He had started second base and at shortstop for much of the year when Corey Seager was out. Now there is not an obvious place for him to play consistently. 

So the Dodgers did what they often do and tried Lux out at a new position. He played third base while with Oklahoma City on his rehab assignment and could even potentially see time in the outfield with Los Angeles. 

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But on Tuesday night, Lux will get his first career big league start at third base. The Dodgers have Justin Turner taking a day off with the team in the middle of a lengthy stretch of games. That opens the door for Lux to slot in and get the start. 

Chances are that becomes Lux’s role for the rest of 2021. He will fill in for guys as they get the day off and will probably see time in the outfield. And that’s where his value will lie for the rest of 2021 barring an injury. 

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  1. Resting JT? Didn’t he just return from multiple games off for injury? The guy’s 36 not 66.

  2. Thank goodness Bellinger is back in the cleanup spot tonite. We need someone to leave all those runners stranded

  3. I see bellinger is in the 4 spot again. What the heck???? That didn’t end up too well last couple of times it was tried.

    1. Dodgerglenn, all I can say is
      That’s Roberts for ya. I personally am in total disbelief, but then again maybe I shouldn’t be. After all this game is typical of how Roberts handles things.

  4. What’s new no Turner or Muncy that’s what Roberts always does. Because why? Someone needs to explain that we are in a race for the division title. This is baseball not construction workers. Lux is a almost certain out.

    1. Well someone SHOULD pull dumb Roberts aside and try and ,reason’ with him but it may be of no use actually. Like before he says he would do these same things over again anyway.

  5. Folks , I concur with all your posts here and this NO time to be experimenting Lux at 3rd. This is a race for the Division and we’ve already witnessed Lux’s inexperience at 3rd not mention his lack of offense. Bellinger batting cleanup, IDK what more can be said….

  6. Great debut for Lux at 3B. Two errors in the field. 0 for 3 at the plate. Send him back down.

    1. Well he won’t be sent down but from another post here, it was mentioned that Lux starts at 2nd on Wednesday according to what Roberts alluded to after tonight’s game.

  7. Jansen stunk again in the ninth, and almost threw the game away. Treinen continues to be the best in baseball, and should obviously be closing games for the Dodgers. He has been lights out for quite awhile now. Knebel looks good, and will get even better, as he shakes off the rust. Both of these guys are head and shoulders better than Jansen. But Jansen is DRs love child. I’m getting really tired of this defiance of the obvious by DR. Big knocks by Beatty and Pollack. Each had 2 RBIs as they trailed the 180 hitter batting in the cleanup spot to drive in the runs he left behind.

    1. Dodger 106W, it’s no use here as far as Roberts is concerned because he will keep running Jansen out there and has said he would make similar decisions over again. We can discuss this all we want but it won’t change a thing. Unfortunate.

    2. Yes, it is time to move Jansen out of the closer role ASAP. Treinen has proved for a month he can shut an inning down. They need to put him in a closer role now and see if any difference in closing the game compared to what is happening now. You cannot have a “closer” come in and put men on base and put the team in jeopardy in losing a hard fought game. It’s too hard to take, game in game out every time when he comes in. Yeah sometimes he pulls it out, but that is not a closer. Treinen should be given a shot, he deserves it, and KJ along w/ Knebel, Bickford, and Vesia can do other the high-leverage situations

  8. Roberts benches our 2 most productive hitters in the SAME GAME! Muncy and JT were both able to play, and did get in the game later. This is no time to have Lux learning a new position, in the heat of a pennant race. We do have JT and Taylor. Roberts said after the game that Lux starts at 2nd tomorrow, so another hot bat will be benched, probably Beaty. Kenley probably would have lost the lead against anyone but the Pirates. He was missing his spots badly.

  9. WTF is wrong with Roberts? Benching 2 of our best hitters. Lux should be benched instead. Roberts needs to go ASAP. Mike Sciosa would be better than him.

  10. Yes! Play him at third so we can trade Justin this coming offseason for prospects and use that money to sign Seager.

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