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Dodgers Pitching Coach Does Not Expect Major Changes With MLB Substance Crackdown

The crackdown on pitchers using foreign substances is upon us. Like it or not, the league is putting their new plan into place starting on Monday. As expected, Dodgers fans and baseball fans alike are naturally worried about what will happen in the immediate future. 

But not everyone in the league has that same fear. Call it being a good coach or playing it cool, but the Dodgers coaching staff has yet to express any major concern. The biggest issue seems to be the rollout period from the league right now. 

Dodgers pitching coach Mark Prior recently spoke with the OC Register’s Bill Plunkett about the impending change. In the eyes of Prior, it does not change how the team plans out games or gets ready for them. If it proves to be a drastic change, they will adjust accordingly. 

It’s not going to change how we go about preparing for Monday. And if things do change then we adjust. That’s part of the game anyway. We adapt. You always have to go through adjustment periods on a lot of things – whether teams are adjusting to how we’re pitching them, whether our guys aren’t pitching to the best of their ability at certain times.

A lot has been made of the Dodgers spin rates and the dip since the crackdown rumor started. But Walker Buehler just spun a great game on Saturday night on the heels of Trevor Bauer’s scoreless outing on Friday. 

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Will the new rule have major changes on the game? Almost certainly. But at this point, it’s anyone guess how dramatic those changes will be. But one thing is for sure: the Dodgers will be ready for anything. 

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